Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jose Reyes Already Asking Out of Colorado, Kind Of

The New York Yankees have battled with essentially a black hole at second base for much of the 2015 season which has led to the team being linked to almost every second base option that is said to be available this season. While many of the fans have asked for Robert Refsnyder from the farm system or Martin Prado in the trade market I wrote last week that I was warming up to a trade for the Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes. Many believe that Reyes could benefit from a position change from shortstop to second base and could also benefit from being back in the middle of a pennant chase, including Mr. Reyes himself.

Here is the exact quote from Reyes courtesy of MLB Trade Rumors:

“You come from a ballclub that was competing for a spot in the playoffs,” said Reyes. “And you come to a club in last place. You think about that.” Reyes said to Groke that winning is his top priority, particularly at this stage of his career. “I don’t want to spend the rest of my career on a last-place team,” he continued. Reyes wasn’t necessarily asking out of Colorado, adding, “We’ll see what happens here,” but he added that he doesn’t want to spend multiple years waiting on a rebuild, either.

Hey if the Rockies want to give the Yankees a “take this albatross of a contract and bad attitude/disgruntled player” off my hands for almost nothing type discount then I’m all for it. I’ve even gone as far as to say I’d be willing to send Robert Refsnyder out there if the money was right that was coming back from Colorado. This is a situation I plan on watching very closely for the next week as the August 31st revocable waiver trade deadline comes to a close. 


  1. Burch you keep posting about Reyes. I don't want the guy, he is injury prone and a head case. Two bad elements we don't need

    1. Just reporting the news Mr. Hans. Some want Reyes, I wouldn't mind him if the money was right, others don't.

  2. I personally don't want or need that headache

  3. MY TWO CENTS....Jose Reyes.

    Jose Reyes...32 year old MLB shortstop.....owed by someone, $48 million, as of right now.

    His dread locks have been cut, and he is not the same. Now he looks just ordinary.
    Can he play 2nd base?... I'm sure, with both his eyes closed.
    He is decent, but by no means the dynamo he once was.
    Can he reach back, and become that lethal player again ? Only God knows.

    To me...an acquisition with questions. Actually, very large questions.

    Roll the dice with Refsnyder. The price is right, and he may blossom. Lets see.

    Stole these words today re: Reyes.......not sure where. I'm the idiot, for not remembering.
    " Reyes says he wants to go to a contender and still talks like a guy who can help push a club over the top. But the numbers, particularly on the defensive side, tell a different story. Reyes, once a game-changer, may no longer be anything more than a complementary piece.

    And unless the Rockies are willing to eat a significant portion of his salary or accept a relatively modest return, he could be stuck in Colorado for longer than he likes."
    Beach day tomorrow...I live for this. All you mugs....stay strong.

  4. Sounds like your anonymous poet is thinking along the same lines as I have been. Everyone knows I prefer and want Ref, I just don't think the yankees share that same mindset


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