Tuesday, August 25, 2015

USA Today's Weekly MLB Power Rankings

The New York Yankees have been leapfrogged in the power rankings by the Toronto Blue Jays but have somehow stuck around at the top of the American League East Division. The Yankees took down the Minnesota Twins to begin their week before running into a bit of trouble with the Cleveland Indians losing their first two contests. The good news for the Yankees is they have hung around with Toronto and held onto first place for much of the month so maybe that won't change the rankings all that much.

We start this week off the same way we start off almost every single week, with the biggest rise and fall of the week. The biggest rise of the week went to the Texas Rangers who rose two spots to the #11 position. The biggest fall of the week went to the Los Angeles Dodgers who fell two spots all the way to the #8 position. The Yankees came in with the 7th position last week and finished this week off with the #6 position, one spot higher than last week.

To finish out the rest of the American League East you have the Toronto Blue Jays still sitting at the #5 position while the Baltimore Orioles finished third in the division with the #14 position. The Tampa Bay Rays finished 4th best in the division with the #15 position while the Boston Red Sox continue to merely stick around with the #22 position on the ranking.

The Top 5 teams in the league according to the rankings are the #1 St. Louis Cardinals, the Kansas City Royals, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Chicago Cubs and the Toronto Blue Jays. The five worst teams in descending order are the #26 Milwaukee Brewers, the #27 Cincinnati Reds, the #28 Philadelphia Phillies, the #29 Miami Marlins and the #30 Colorado Rockies.

This is going to be one hell of a month of September with almost every division and every team still in this thing. This season may end up taking nine to ten years off my life but if the Yankees make the postseason and potentially win the World Series then it might be worth it, maybe. Check in next week to see how the Yankees and the rest of the league potentially rise or fall in these rankings.

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