Monday, August 10, 2015

The 2015 New York Yankees Are Still Special

How quickly the tide can turn inside Yankee-Land, huh? I can remember about a week or so before the July 31st trading deadline how much fun it was to watch Yankees baseball. The New York Yankees were winning and the fans were on their side. The chants of this team being "special" and the comparisons to the 2009 World Series Championship teams were in full force until the Toronto Blue Jays came to town this weekend. Just a week ago this team was special and after one series this team is "choking way its lead" and not going to make the playoffs. News flash ladies and gentleman, the sky is not falling and this team is still special.

The sky is not falling and this team is still special, I had to say this again because I truly do believe that. There is a reason that these teams play 162 games in a Major League Baseball schedule and for as long as there's been baseball in this country there have been hot streaks and cold streaks. This is just a cold streak, nothing more and nothing to get too excited about in my opinion.

Sure the Yankees should have made upgrades before the trading deadline but sometimes those are the kicks/ I truly believe many GM's around the league have an "eff the Yankees" policy where they blatantly won't trade with New York or they won't trade with Brian Cashman unless the team pays twice as much as the closest competitor. The screams for years have been to not trade the farm system away at the deadline for rentals and veterans past their primes and when Cashman does just that the screams for his head get even louder. Here's your cake and fork, please eat up.

New York will be fine, all this team has to do is get into the playoffs and they can be scary. The offense has been too good for too long to stay down like they have the last few games and the pitching has been too good to lose too many of these 2-1 type games. Toronto is riding their hot streak in early August, all the Yankees have to do is ride their in September and the division crown will be their's. The sky is not falling, this team is still special and the bandwagon is a one way street. Either root now while the division lead is shrinking or go root for the Mets.


  1. I agree on most points. Toronto could easily go into a slump and we gain those 3 games back. I'm even okay with Cashman holding onto his prospects. My only question is where are they? He kept them, let's see them. He only brought up Severino because Pineda went on the DL. We're sending out scrubs like Drew, Ryan, and Beltran. We're still resigning players like Jones. There's a huge difference between "standing pat" and "resting on your laurels". Cashman seems to be doing the latter.

    1. Burch I am in agreement with Levin, however I am ALWAYS of the belief that Cashman overvalues his prospects and that is known throughout the league. I would have parceled some of these prospects for the likes of Cole Hammels as I have him under control for a few years and he is a pitcher not a thrower. We also need another lefty because no matter what CC does we all know he is toast.

      You state that its an Eff you to the Yanks because we have to pay twice as much which might be true, however my belief is the elf can't get a major deal done. He always has the same trade partners in Detroit, Arizona and of course Seattle why is that? Why did he just trade for Ackley and what value does he bring to the team? Did the Coupon Clipper tighten the reigns once again? I believe it is a combo of both. Cashman being inept and Hal being a penny pincher for a 3 Billion dollar corporation. I said it in a previous post and will say int again that if the Yanks don't make the playoffs after being in 1st a great deal of time that the ELF needs to be fired for standing pat. I will say this as well. I picked this team to finish third or forth so I am presently wrong, but as Yogi said its getting late very early or something along those lines. People need to stop giving Cashman a pass, enough of this shit already!!

    2. You're right Levin, he should at least be using Refsnyder. There is no room for Judge no matter how we justify it, it's not going to happen. No excuse why Refsnyder is in AAA though.


      The only thing I could think of for why he trades with the same teams over and over is because some teams simply wont deal with him. Some teams flat out don't like teams like the Yankees and won't help teams like the Yankees. I could be wrong, I admit that, but that was a logical reasoning I came up with.

    3. The acquisition, on paper, of Ackley was supposed to give the team an upgrade over Jones. The hell with the team chemistry, who needs that when you have versatility and automatic outs?

    4. Also, whether you believe Cashman or not, he said he was going to call up Severino before the Pineda injury but the timing didn't work out or something. Maybe it was before the good start from CC, can't remember.

    5. Trading with other teams has been a big problem for the Yankees for over 20 years. Teams always say the Yankees have the money and King George would give up anyone for a player he wanted.

      It isn't that Cashman can't make a deal, it's that other teams want to damn much for a so-so player but, will turn around and trade that player to another team for much less.

      Almost every rule in baseball in the last few years has been aimed at the Yankees, to cut the BIG GUYS down to know, the American Liberal handbook, everyone has to be equal. Which is BS, some are better than others it is the American way..."Be the Best You Can Be"

    6. Definitely a good point. Restrictions in spending on the draft and in the International market were definitely aimed at big market clubs like the Yankees. The luxury tax obviously was too.

  2. Very nice post As Usual Daniel hit the weekend fans in the nose!
    Jeff is right in one respect, playing Drew, Ryan and Beltran sucks!
    I believe (hope) the thought is to bring up Refsy to play 2nd and one of a plethora of right fielders to replace Jones.
    We have Drew as our backup at 2nd and SS, regulate Beltran to bench part time...which gives us a right-handed bat off the bench.
    These changes must be made soon if they are to be eligible for the playoffs...August 31st isn't it?

    1. Correct Reed, although Refsnyder would be eligible I believe since he was on the active roster before. I don't think he necessarily has to be on the 25 man roster to be eligible.

  3. I think Toronto (and the Royals) both made the "we're all in" this season kind of moves. If it works out, it works out. Toronto is a great team that just got better with the additions that they made. We didn't do much of anything at the deadline (which is fine) and people expect us to be able to sweep the jays peacefully with no problem. That's not going to happen. I still have the yanks taking the AL east at the end of the season, but it won't be easy. It NEVER has been. Let's be honest, did we all expect the yankees to be in first place for the majority of the season? Did we expect them to have a 6 GAME LEAD over the next closest team in the division? Did we expect the red sox to be this bad after the off season they had? That's why baseball is awesome. You truly can never know how things may change or how they will go until that final minute of game 162.

    If it's getting down to the wire, we still have the month to make some moves. I've been hearing Brandon Phillips name come up a couple times. He would be a great upgrade at 2b offensively and defensively. I trust Cashman.

    My opinions may seem "out of place" or "not the fan favorite", but we as fans need to still be honest with this game we all love.

    1. Bryan, welcome to the forums. We hope to see more of you around here.

      Toronto was a good offensive team before the deal but their pitching was terrible. Unless Price goes all CC with the Milwaukee Brewers he is still only going to pitch once every fifth day. The other four days, as the Yankees of the 2000's can tell you, they will have to slug their way to victory. They didn't do enough with the pitching in my opinion and the team is peaking early. They won eight straight since the break and are still in 2nd place. They can't win them all, they can.t

      Your opinions are just fine and they don't have to go with the grain here, it would be boring if they did. We welcome you and your opinions, stop back in!

    2. Bryan, I too welcome you to this very fine Blog. Always nice to have a different point of view around here.
      Your opinions are not out of place here, everyone has an opinion of Cashman, he may not be right all the time but IF (I hate that word) left to do his job...without interference...he does ok.
      Hey, we are still in 1st place in the "Beast of the East"...who would have thunk that?

  4. When you JUMP START, things sometimes happen.

    Toronto did their impression of the old Yankees doing business, and off the went.
    @ Since adding Troy Tulowitski...they are 11-1.
    @ David Price since acquired, is 2-0, ERA 0.60.

    That's OK, not to worry...Toronto does not have the Seattle reject, Ackley.....nor do they have
    a full marching band of unproven talent in the farm system.
    The plan to throw this seasons efforts away, and wait perhaps years for a unproven
    Blue Chipper to emerge is .....nuts.

    Ackley will be back, mid-September, we'll show them. Or, has the tide gone out by then ?
    What does he do anyway ?
    Maybe show Stephen Drew, that someone can hit worse than he ?


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