Monday, August 10, 2015

ICYMI: Five Bold Predictions for the Rest of 2015

The New York Yankees have less than two months left in their 2015 season and things have gone according to plan thus far, can that continue though? New York has gotten more than expected out of the likes of Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez and the overall health of the club while second base among other positions continues to be a black hole at times this season. Nobody knows what is going to happen for sure with the team going forward but I didn’t get nicknamed “The Yankees Wizard” on twitter last season for nothing so here are five bold predictions for the rest of the 2015 Yankees season.

  • Alex Rodriguez will finish the 2015 season with 30 home runs on the dot. Alex came into the 2015 season with expectations at an all-time low and has crushed them along with many, many fastballs over the fences around the league. The last time Alex hit 30 home runs in a season was in 2009

  • Robert Refsnyder comes up and stays up with the big league club. The Yankees are riding the hot bats of Stephen Drew and Brendan Ryan now but it won’t last forever, if it even lasts long at all. Refsnyder will be up and get the same confidence and backing from management that Luis Severino is getting now.

  • CC Sabathia ends the 2015 season on the disabled list. Sabathia has shown no signs of breaking down physically since his knee surgery in the offseason but the less and less effective he is the more I believe something may be wrong physically.

  • The streak will continue. I was born in the Bronx, New York and have since moved down to Atlanta, Georgia where my live Yankees watching has become few and far between. In my 29 years of living I have never once seen the Yankees lose while I was in the stands and that streak continues on August 29th when I’m down in Atlanta watching them play the Atlanta Braves.

  • The New York Yankees will not only win the American League East Division but they will also win the 2015 World Series. The AL East seems easier said than done at this point but I have faith in this team and I truly think, if healthy, this team is special. Sure the starting rotation isn’t top notch and the offense relies on #TooManyDamnHRs sometimes but they find new and inventive ways to win every single night it seems and play their best against the best teams and the best pitchers. That’s scary for opposing teams in the postseason. Those are mine, what are yours?

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  1. THE 6th BOLD PREDICTION...missed by Daniel.

    There will come a time in September when the fans will snap.

    They had had enough. Ackley returns from his injury, and will be named manager.
    The fans will no longer sit in their seats. They stand, and scream for hours. Wailing, and hitting each other. The death rattle crying sound can be heard all the way to New Jersey.

    Some stand drooling, while others beat their heads on the concrete floor.
    They do not know why they are there. Nothing matters. Monument Park now has blow-up dolls
    of carnival people.
    Illegals roam the stadium in packs. They are allowed to take the seats of others, while cursing you
    in spanish.
    Game scores are no longer kept. And, visiting teams now feature trans-gender dancers.

    Games that are tied after nine innings, are decided by hotdog eating contests.

    Police are banned, while undocumented priests from Honduras, try to keep order.

    Spurred on by the throwing of a ball, by a fan, to the back of Bret Gardner's head.
    The stadium crowd is permitted to rain death upon this Yankee squad.
    A form of stoning one to death, only with baseballs.

    The manager, Ackley, watches the carnage naked...all the while giggling from the dugout.

    Yeah...the 6th Prediction. Stranger things have happened.


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