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Most Popular Article of the Week: 2015 Postseason Yankees Farm System Top 30 Rankings

by: Ben Embry (guest contributor from The Bronx Empire)

The Yankees farm system had a terrific year in 2015. Luis Severino forced his way to the Majors and met even the most optimistic fans' expectations. Greg Bird similarly arrived in the Bronx and quite possibly Wally Pipp'ed the team's All Star 1B stalwart Mark Teixeira, (ok probably not but on a team more progressive than the Yankees it might be possible). Slade Heathcott, Mason Williams, Rob Refsnyder and other prospects all gave the team strong contributions. The future is bright. Ironically this will result in the farm system being ranked lower next year than it did at the beginning of 2015 because Severino and Bird graduated due to their service time in August and September.  This just goes to show: farm system rankings aren't the end-all-be-all.

First, before the rankings I have a disclosure: I am not a scout. I do not communicate directly with scouts. I do not regularly watch the prospects in person, on television, or on the Internet. My opinions are informed by websites and publications such as Baseball America, Fangraphs, and and interactions with fans and writers on social media. I am simply a fan who is expressing his opinion; take it for what it's worth.

Ok, here are the Yankees' top 30 prospects:
1Aaron JudgeRF
2Jorge MateoSS
3Gary SanchezC
4James KaprielianSP
5Wilkerman GarciaSS/3B
6Domingo AcevedoSP
7Jacob LindgrenRP
8Rob Refsnyder2B/LF
9Eric Jagielo3B/1B
10Rookie DavisSP
11Tyler WadeSS
12Ian ClarkinSP
13Hoy-Jun ParkSS
14Miguel Andujar3B
15Abiatal AvelinoSS/2B
16Luis TorrensC
17Jake CaveCF
18Mason WilliamsCF
19Brady LailSP
20Angel AguilarSS/3B
21Slade HeathcottCF
22Drew FinleySP
23Domingo GermanSP
24Dustin FowlerCF/RF
25Austin DeCarrSP
26Juan de LeonCF/RF
27Dermis Garcia3B
28Leonardo MolinaCF
29Thairo EstradaSS
30Nelson Gomez3B
Let's compare the last list to this one.  First, players who were in the previous rankings but not this one, (including previous ranking):

1. Luis Severino (graduated)
4. Greg Bird (graduated)
22. Kyle Holder (out of top 30)

And now, the players who were not in the previous ranking but are now in this one, (including current ranking):

5. Wilkerman Garcia
14. Hoy Jun-Park
30. Nelson Gomez

For those who like deep dives, here's a top 30 hitters list:

1Aaron JudgeRF1992
2Jorge MateoSS1995
3Gary SanchezC1992
4Wilkerman GarciaSS/3B1998
5Rob Refsnyder2B/LF1991
6Eric Jagielo3B/1B1992
7Tyler WadeSS1994
8Hoy-Jun ParkSS1996
9Miguel Andujar3B1995
10Abiatal AvelinoSS/2B1995
11Luis TorrensC1996
12Jake CaveCF1992
13Mason WilliamsCF1991
14Angel AguilarSS/3B1995
15Slade HeathcottCF1990
16Dustin FowlerCF/RF1994
17Juan de LeonCF/RF1998
18Dermis Garcia3B1998
19Leonardo MolinaCF1997
20Thairo EstradaSS1996
21Nelson Gomez3B1997
22Jhalan JacksonOF1993
23Kyle HolderSS1994
24Tyler AustinRF/1B1991
25Ben GamelRF1992
26Miguel FlamesC/3B1997
27Diego CastilloSS/2B1997
28Trey AmburgeyOF1994
29Alexander PalmaRF1995
30Tony Renda2B1991

And now, the pitchers:

1James KaprielianSP1994
2Domingo AcevedoSP1994
3Jacob LindgrenRP1993
4Rookie DavisSP1993
5Ian ClarkinSP1995
6Brady LailSP1993
7Drew FinleySP1996
8Domingo GermanSP1992
9Austin DeCarrSP1995
10Jordan MontgomerySP1992
11Cale CoshowSP/RP1992
12Jonathan HolderSP1993
13Jeff DeganoSP1992
14Simon de la RosaSP1993
15Ty HensleySP1993
16Vicente CamposSP/RP1992
17Nick RumbelowRP1991
18Nick GoodyRP1991
19James PazosRP1991
20Josh RogersSP1994
21Tyler WebbRP1990
22Gilmael TroyaSP/RP1997
23Alexander VargasSP1997
24Johnny BarbatoRP1992
25Luis CedenoSP/RP1994
26Jordan FoleySP/RP1993
27Chance AdamsRP1994
28Miguel SulbaranSP/RP1994
29Chaz HebertSP1992
30Caleb SmithSP/RP1991

Well, let me know what you think. My Twitter handle is @thebronxempire and my email is I'll update the list this fall after the season. Ok, have a good day!

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