Monday, October 19, 2015

Zack Greinke to the Yankees? No way... Right?

The New York Yankees, if you're using the World Series or bust mindset that many of the fans use every single season, failed in 2015 and enter the offseason with just as many question marks as they had when they went into the American League Wild Card Game against the Houston Astros. Does the team have enough confidence in their young guys to build another dynasty that all the fans want so bad? Does the team have one more run in them, especially offensively, before all these major contracts start coming off the books? Does the team have a true ace and who is it? The team could answer at least one of those questions on the free agent market, especially if Zack Greinke opts out of his current deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers after a first round exit in the postseason, but the Yankees couldn't make a run at Greinke... could they?

Let's quickly put to bed the ideas of him not being mentally tough enough to handle New York, that's ridiculous. First and foremost Greinke has been in the Los Angeles market and the postseason in recent seasons and has been seemingly unfazed. In fact Greinke hasn't had any sort of set backs from his social anxiety disorder or his depression since his early days with the Kansas City Royals, something that was treated according to his wikipedia page. Greinke's medical problems are now diagnosed, where before they weren't, medicated and treated. He'll be fine. Here's the wiki page:

Greinke was quiet and sometimes awkward in the clubhouse. To alleviate some of his anxiety and solitude, the Royals arranged for him to live with Royals Hall of Fame third baseman George Brett.[23] Still, Greinke's uneasiness grew. By the 2005–2006 offseason, he almost quit baseball. Greinke later remarked that, at the time, he did not expect to return to baseball.[24] He left spring training for personal reasons in late February 2006.[25] It was later revealed that he was suffering from social anxiety disorder and depression.[26] He reported back to the Royals' spring training facility in Surprise, Arizona, on April 17, where he underwent ongoing pitching sessions. He was placed on the 60-day disabled list due to psychological issues and took time away from baseball entirely.[27] He began seeing a sports psychologist and taking anti-depressant medication.
What you have to worry about when it comes to the Yankees is if New York is willing to open their purse strings to acquire Greinke. Greinke walked away from three years and $71 million, reportedly as it has not been officially announced, in search of at least a five-year deal worth $150 million. I honestly cannot fathom any team giving a 32-year old starting pitcher $30 million a year, he's not as young or as good as Clayton Kershaw was when he got an AAV of $30 million, but in a market flooded with pitching talent he just might if he's patient enough. Teams get desperate in December and January, and teams will especially get antsy when Jordan Zimmerman and David Price come off the board, so while I personally don't feel like it will happen I could totally see it happening, just not from the Yankees.

If New York is going to give another $20-$20 million AAV to a starting pitcher it has to be for David Price, no? Postseason struggles and all. I can't see New York giving that kind of money to any starting pitcher for quite a long time. What Alex Rodriguez did to 10-year deals for New York CC Sabathia has done to huge money contracts for pitchers in the Yankees eyes. I can see the Yankees waiting on James Kaprielian and building for the 2017 and 2018 season while still competing before I can see them going all in for any starting pitcher this winter. Hal Steinbrenner has done weirder things so stay tuned...


  1. Zack doesn't want NYY to sack his long hair. If he doubled his anti-depressant dose, he might come to his senses.

    1. Welcome to the board Antonio. He may not, he may. Who knows what's going on in his head besides the fact that he wants to walk away from $71 million to cash in for potentially double that. That may be worth the hair cut, especially if the Yankees are paying for it.


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