Monday, October 19, 2015

Can You Figure Out the Final Jeopardy Question?

Was it just me or growing up did you get stuck watching Jeopardy with your parents and grand parents every night after dinner? I got to be pretty good at the trivia that Alex Trebek would throw down, especially the sports trivia, but when three contestants received an MLB-themed Final Jeopardy question all three of them bombed it. Can you do better?

The question was this:

I have to admit I didn't know 100% what the answer was. When I saw the term "full name" I immediately went to the Arizona Diamondbacks since diamond and backs could be split up into two different words. My second choice was the Los Angeles Dodgers just because I went with my gut. Obviously I wouldn't give away either of the answers here so without cheating leave your answers in the comments section below.

If you can't wait for the real answer than highlight below to see the answer:

ANSWER - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim... translated into the City of Angels Angels. 

Highlight above.....


  1. Free Agent :....JEFF SAMARDZIJA...( where is that name from ? )

    Why is Samardzija being spoken of as the Yankees off season pitching target ?

    Be careful boys !...This guy will not be cheap, and may burn you, again.
    29 HR, and K's way down from past campaigns ...163 K / 214 innings.
    I don't get this one.

    1. I don't get it, the Yankees name is used all the time so a player can get a better contract! So, why, may I ask, would the team be after Jeff S? There is a long list of pitchers out there this year why him? It beats the hell out of me, sometimes I think there is some logic in their thinking and then.........!

    2. The Yankees want Samardzija because he would cost the least out of the group. Also, the team thinks Larry Rothschild can harness his live arm like they did with Eovaldi.

      Samardzija has a wild arm but a good arm, think AJ Burnett. When he's on he's unhittable. Shark hasn't been in baseball full time for long, I think the sky is the limit with him. Probably not worth the draft pick but at 22nd overall you deal with it if he wins 15 games for you in 2016.

      Not saying he will or I think he will, just explaining the Yankees mindset and thinking.

  2. Replies
    1. I guess Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will work.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It was LAA. Correct.

      Welcome to the boards sir, enjoy your stay.


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