Friday, October 2, 2015

The 2000 Yankees Struggled Down the Stretch Too

So I have to apologize to anyone who follows me on Twitter as I have been a bit testy of late. I can’t help it though, most fans are being downright ridiculous and absolutely unreasonable here lately and for no good reason. The Yankees have less than a week to go until the playoffs and I saw comments that ranged from “there goes the playoffs” despite having a 3.5 game lead with five left over the second Wild Card team to “Fire Cashman.” You would act like the Yankees were on the outside looking into the playoffs and not in the driver’s seat to host a playoff game in the Bronx and you would think that this team was picked to win the World Series and settling for a Wild Card spot instead of being a team picked to finish in third or fourth place and home playing golf by now. You’d act like this is the first Yankees team to struggle heading into the postseason.

The last time there was a real and legitimate chance for both the New York Yankees and the New York Mets to meet in the postseason was the 2000 season, a season that ended in a five-game Subway Series that the New York Yankees won decisively. I have a sneaking suspicion if the world had Twitter, Facebook and social media back in 2000 the Yankees Kingdom would have been freaking out in September of 2000 much like they are currently in September of 2015.

In September, 2000 the New York Yankees limped into the postseason with a 87-74 record including a record of 13-17 in September. In the final 18 games the Yankees posted a mediocre 3-15 record including seven straight losses to end the season and showed much of the same fire and intensity, or lack thereof, that they are showing since Mark Teixeira and Nathan Eovaldi went down with season ending injuries.

This is a different game in 2015, no one understands that more than I do because I’ve been fighting for it and spreading the knowledge as much as I can, but a few key characteristics still remain the same. The playoffs is a new season and a second season and it’s not always the best team, but the hottest team, that usually wins out in October. Anything that happens before October 6, 2015 is meaningless in the grand scheme of things just like it was before the postseason in the year 2000. Take a page out of the 2000 Mets book and have a little faith and believe!


  1. All of you might accept that the Yanks made the playoffs... I don't until they beat their opponent from the play in game. That is liking kissing your sister or mother. This team is not equipped for a run in the playoffs with too many question marks, especially their hitting and pitching. If they do win the play in game I feel they will be one round and done and leave the little elf and the coupon clipper to sit on their hands in the off season and make marginal moved at best.

    Just because we have an abundance of pitchers, doesn't mean we have quality pitchers and again another bat is needed in this lineup. Let's see where the chips fall as I was apparently wrong so far with them getting this far. I had them in 3rd before the season started.

    1. Hans,

      not agreeing or disagreeing. Just saying I have had a post written that I have been waiting to share after the team clinched. It was written about a week ago when my "celebrate or not to celebrate" post was written about whether the Wild Card is a playoff game or not. This is not singling you out, wanted to get that out of the way and let you know before it goes live tomorrow.

      Would hate to be a "hypocrite."


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