Tuesday, December 15, 2015

If the Milwaukee Brewers Keep Selling...

We have done quite a few of these now because quite a few of the teams in Major League Baseball are selling off tradeable pieces and beginning their rebuilds. Teams like the Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, Cincinnati Reds, Tampa Bay Rays who have made all of their starting pitching available not named Chris Archer, and teams like the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers have sent Adam Lind, Mike Fiers, Carlos Gomez, Francisco Rodriguez, Aramis Ramirez and others in the last calendar year and may have a few more pieces they might be willing to move for a long-term gain, do the Brewers and Yankees match up as trade partners?

The Brewers have Jonathan Lucroy behind the plate and he is probably their highest sought after trade piece on the team. Lucroy has two years left on his contract and will make just a shade under $10 million as a plus-offensive catcher, despite his injury plagued season in 2015. The problem is the Yankees don't really need a catcher and for all the plus reasons for Lucroy that would entice the Yankees to trade for him those same reasons would also be huge reasons why Milwaukee would want to keep him. Especially considering that the veteran guy behind the plate will do wonders for their young pitchers they have coming up right now. It seems like the Brewers are unlikely to trade Lucroy and very unlikely to trade him to a team like the Yankees.

Speaking of veterans Ryan Braun is extremely expensive and has seen his production go down in a huge way since he began to battle thumb and hand injuries over the years. Milwaukee undoubtedly wants out of that contract and they undoubtedly would take less in the terms of prospects if they can get some salary relief out of it. I could also see Milwaukee eating some of the $21 million AAV left on his contract through the 2020 season. There is a mutual option for the 2021 season on his contract worth just $15 million as the final season of a heavily front loaded contract. Braun, even injured and having multiple "down" seasons, is better offensively than both Carlos Beltran and Brett Gardner, is younger at just age 32 and is right-handed which balances out the lineup. I've asked for Braun multiple times during my time as a blogger and I'll ask at least one more time, Cashman... please?

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