Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Justin Wilson Dealt To Detroit

After already trading away Adam Warren, one piece of the 2015 bullpen, the Yankees have now agreed to a trade involving Justin Wilson.

Wilson has been dealt to Detroit for minor league pitchers Luis Cessa and Chad Green.

Cessa was drafted by the New York Mets as a 17 year old and spent his first two seasons of pro ball as a second and third baseman (with an inning at shortstop thrown in). Since then, as mostly a starting pitcher, Luis has an ERA of 3.68. He did throw 62 innings in AAA last year between Las Vegas (Mets) and Toledo (Tigers), but had a poor 7.55 ERA. I'm not excited about this guy.

Green's also spent the majority of his time in pro ball in the minors as a starter, and despite the fact he has yet to reach AAA he's actually a year older. During his three years in the minors, Chad's ERA is 3.55, but last year in AA Erie his ERA was 3.93. Another guy that's not exactly "eye-popping".

While I won't truly miss Justin Wilson, I can't help but wonder what will happen in the bullpen. Cashman has already dealt away Adam Warren, who threw 35.1 innings of strong relief work, and now another 61 innings of strong relief work is gone.

I know the Yankees have done a great job with their relievers, but at some point things aren't all going to come up roses in that department.


  1. Even excluding Mariano, We've been extremely fortunate in our bullpen. And I am all for trading Miller. This organization produces relief pitchers, but I think it might t catch up to us

    1. At some point you have to keep someone.... especially when the starting pitchers cant get into the 7th inning

  2. Daniel, rumor has it refsnyder is moving to long man in bullpen


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