Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Digging in the TGP Archive: Andrew Miller, BIP Locations and Yankee Stadium

The original post can be seen HERE. In this article written in December of 2014 I asked the question should the Yankees worry about putting Andrew Miller in the hitter friendly Yankee Stadium. I then answer the question with a resounding NO, the team shouldn't worry... and I was right.


Earlier in the day we took a look at the BIP locations for Didi Gregorius to see what his batted balls in play would look like if he was hitting inside Yankee Stadium and not Chase Field in 2014. We will do the same here with Andrew Miller as he also came to the team on Friday on a four year deal. We will have to do a pair of these obviously since Miller was traded mid-season from the Boston Red Sox to the Baltimore Orioles so let's get to it, lot's to do here.

Fly Outs
Home Runs

No I did not forget to list home runs in the picture, he didn't give up any and wouldn't give up any inside Yankee Stadium. So far so good, now what about Camden Yards using the same color scheme as above?

So one double goes out of Yankee Stadium and maybe the wind carries a fly out to the Bleacher Creatures. That left handed power arm with strikeout tendencies should be just fine in New York. Take a breath Yankees family, I have a feeling the team is going to be fine.

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