Thursday, December 3, 2015

MyTake on the YES Network Trade Proposals

Lou DiPietro is a good guy. He works for the YES Network but will still take the time to interact with you on Twitter and even did an interview for us here on the blog once. For that we appreciate Lou and have zero issue with showcasing his work on the blog, including his work that came out recently on the YES Network website. Lou, like Mr. DiPietro does every season, threw out a few trade proposals to make the Yankees better and I leave you with those and my take on them for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and CLICK HERE for the original post.

YANKEES receive: SS Starlin Castro and LHP Travis Wood
CUBS receive: OF Brett Gardner, an RP from the "Scranton Shuttle," and a low-level pitcher

Dang it Lou, you had to go there.... I DON'T WANT STARLIN CASTRO. Castro is young but he's an average defender at best, he doesn't steal bases and he isn't even a marginal upgrade over what the team already has. Travis Wood would be a decent addition to an already crowded pitching staff but not at the extent of Brett Gardner. That;s not worth it in my opinion.

YANKEES receive: RHP Matt Cain and C Hector Sanchez
GIANTS receive: LHP CC Sabathia, RHP Bryan Mitchell, and an upper-level lefty-hitting outfielder

Now you're talking Lou. This has me intrigued as ever. Matt Cain is not the Matt Cain you think of from a couple seasons back but neither is CC Sabathia. If Sabathia is willing to go back to the West Coast along with a Mason Williams and Bryan Mitchell for Cain I think I have to pull that trigger. Cain is just 31-years old and would be a buy low after injuries have derailed his last couple of seasons while Sanchez likely gives the team a better version of what they had in John Ryan Murphy. The money for Cain and Sabathia matches up nicely but the Yankees get a younger pitcher and one that has been down due to injuries, not a degenerative knee condition.

YANKEES receive: LHP Aroldis Chapman
REDS receive: RHP Adam Warren, 2B Rob Refsnyder, a shuttle reliever and an upper-level outfielder

Adding Aroldis Chapman to the 8th inning in the Bronx would be an absolute God Send for the Yankees in their search for the super bullpen. Dellin Betances can pitch the 6th and 7th innings while Chapman and Miller finish out the game. That's before you mention Chasen Shreve, Justin Wilson or any other relief pitchers the Yankees currently have. Losing Warren is a tough loss and so is Refsnyder, especially for just one season of Chapman, but the deal would be nice. I'm not sure I make it without an extension window or something like that and I'm truly unsure if it makes the team better at this point but Greedy Pinstripers enjoy their big names. Chapman is a big name.


  1. REENTERING....The earths atmosphere. While descending through layers of alto cumulus clouds
    I see my landing zone threatened by.....barbarians at the gate.

    Hmm? They seem to think that they can post at this level. Why would they think that ?

    In the mean time....I prefer to post on my own, while the 'second tier ghost posters from
    the past'.....can just move away from me, or glide off into the urinals of the unknowns.

    1. So lets try....Shelby Miller, of Atlanta. Is he that good that the Yankees may be tempted
      to trade away A+ talent ?.....I don't know that much about Miller.

      Ivan Nova....sits, while all the other girls are buying prom dresses.

      I reiterate again....I think the Yankees greatly excite their fan base, during the
      Winter Meetings. 2-3 nice moves / trades.

    2. Miller has a great arm, I made a post labeled "If the Braves keep selling" which primarily focused on Shelby if you want to read it patrick. His stats say one thing but pitching for a bad team can skew those. He's a great arm, not worth Luis Severino, but great nonetheless.

    3. Daniel...thanks. A lot of press about him the last few weeks. Sorry about my rant the other night. Flash backs.
      Kenneth told me to stand in the corner.

    4. No need for apologies. I just need everyone to be the man I already know they are. Everything else will fall into line.

  2. Aye, if only they gave more playing time to prospects last year, maybe we would have more valuable pieces to trade away (besides bird and severino). Unfortunately, the only players that were given opportunity were a group of outfielders that would play a week and end up on the DL.

    so we sit, wait, twiddle thumbs. "maybe he will benefit from a change of scenery" will be the motto of the offseason.

    1. They can only do what they can do though spade. You only have 40 men on the roster and 25 on the active roster. You're not going to sit so and so just for the sake of using so and so, you know?

      Plenty of prospects get hyped and traded before ever making it to the big leagues. No reason the Yankees can't do that either. Other teams have just seen in he past any and all prospects that make it to the majors with New York get traded and they ask for the moon hoping the team falls back into that mindset. Thus far we haven't thankfully

    2. fair enough. here's my reasoning-

      the main thing that comes to mind was jose pirela. he only was given 74 at bats and hit .230. I think he could have been showcased more as a versatile player and gotten something better back, rather than labeling him a good minor league hitter that cant hit at the majors.

      The difference- jesus montero hit like .330 in the same number of at bats in 2011 and we landed michael pineda because of it. would you have more confidence that montero could catch somewhat and hit well, or that pirela could field various positions and hit well? I'd think the second.


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