Thursday, January 21, 2016

This Day In New York Yankees History 1/21: Joe D Misses the Hall

On this day in 1953 the Yankee Clipper Joe DiMaggio missed out on the Hall of Fame in his first try at Cooperstown. DiMaggio would have to wait until the 1955 season before 88.8% of the BBWAA added him to the ballot and inducted him into the hall. On this day Cardinal legend Dizzy Dean and Al Simmons were elected to the hall.


  1. On this day in 1953 the Yankee Clipper Joe DiMaggio missed out on the Hall of Fame in his first try at Cooperstown.
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  2. And yet some fans think Jeter is a unanimous 1st ballot choice. I still don't get it!

    1. Jeter's Hall of Fame resume is better than DiMaggio's. I don't agree with the whole "never having a 100% unanimous decision" though personally.

    2. No doubt Jeter will go into the HoF on the 1st ballot! Joe "D" 1st time up had to go against two guys that had been just about as good as him and missed out the year before (I think), so they voted for them and he fell short but, not because of his stats.
      You are looking at Jeter's Yankee stats, check out where he stands in career records. Jeter has been among the worse fielding SS in history. IF one bats in the #2 spot for 20 years with a .300 or even.290 BA he is going to hit 3,000 hits. Other than diving into the stands and hitting a game winning HR in the WS what clutch plays has he made on consistent bases. Billy Martin was the one guy no pitcher wanted to face in a clutch hitting situation for years and he had arguably one of the better-talented team around him.
      I will not ever say Jeter shouldn't be in the HoF, he should. But where is the greatness?
      He was one guy on the team that won 5 WS. In 20 years he was named top player on the team 3 times, A-Rod in 10 years named 4 times and Cano 3 times in 6years(?). Heck Mickey was named 10 times in 16 years.
      What I am saying is it is all about him being the nice guy that everyone liked and the face of the Yankees. A-Rods comment one time about Jeter was the truth when he said when asked, "If he were on any other team he would be just another shortstop!" or something like that. He has never won an MVP. Let's face it, he was a singles hitter that played SS for 20 years (6 years to long). All the years he, Nomar and A-Rod played SS they outperformed him, but he played for the Yankees so, therefore, he was the best of them in the eyes of the Yankee fans...that is the way it should always be.
      He will get into the HoF for sure and on the first ballot, he worked hard and was ok on defence and very good at hitting...over 3,000 hits and over .300 BA that ain't bad for 20 years.
      That is my opinion, not given to detract from him but, I always counted results over numbers and with the new younger voters getting the chance to vote, who knows?

    3. I never said Joe D was the worst player or that Jeter had better stats, I said Jeter has better Hall of Fame stats. What was once consider a shoe in for the Hall was players with 300 wins, 3000 hits or 500 home runs.

      If it's so easy for players who play 20 years to get 3000 hits why don't more players have 3,000 hits?

      Also, another Hall of Fame stat, you say Jeter had terrible defense at shortstop (and I agree) but his Hall of Fame stats boasts five Gold Glove Awards.

    4. I said also that Jeter will make the HoF in the first ballot but anyone batting in the #2 spot will get 3,000 hits if he has the 7th most ABs and the 11th most PA in the history of the game.

      About Gold Gloves, we both know that many times they are given out by popularity and besides he won them the same year A-Rod won one also. Speaking of A-Rod, he almost always batted 3rd or 4th in all the line-ups...yet he also has 3,000 hits with many less AB/PA. That makes them both two of 29 players to have hit 3,000 or more. By the way, there are 4 players in the 3,000 hit club with under 20 years of playing time, five counting Jeter as he missed one year as did A-Rod.

      I think maybe I am coming across as trying to denigrate Jeter...I am not, I am pointing out the fact he is NOT a unanimous 1st round player. A Very fine player for the Yankees, and someone for your generation to look up to as your favorite player...just as I have my heroes, you have yours.


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