Friday, January 29, 2016

USA Today Ranks All 30 MLB Starting Rotations

It’s almost baseball time ladies and gentleman, can you feel it? The fields are being manicured, the grass is being cut and we’re already seeing on Twitter how players are heading down south to get a head start on bullpen sessions and early season workouts. Spring training is just around the corner and so is the 2016 MLB season, get hyped. The USA Today is hyped and this week ranked all 30 MLB teams by their starting rotations. How will Zack Greinke affect the Diamondbacks rotation ranking and how far will David Price push the Boston Red Sox rotation up the charts? How far will the Yankees fall after not adding a significant piece to their starting five this winter? Keep reading to find out.

We will bring you the list only and not the write-ups except for the Yankee-specific material. If you want to read the write-ups on all 30 MLB teams head over HERE to the USA Today to read their work and give them a much deserved click or two.

30. Atlanta Braves
29. Philadelphia Phillies
28. Milwaukee Brewers
27. Los Angeles Angels
26. Colorado Rockies
25. Minnesota Twins
24. Baltimore Orioles
23. Cincinnati Reds
22. Kansas City Royals
21. Detroit Tigers
20. Toronto Blue Jays
19. Oakland Athletics
18. Miami Marlins
17. Texas Rangers
16. San Diego Padres
15. New York Yankees

I entered this exercise expecting to put the Yankees near the bottom of the list, and ended it tempted to rank them in the Top 10. Truth is, it’s easy to envision them landing on either end of the spectrum: Their top four starters all come with great stuff and huge question marks. How they fare will depend on the health of Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda and the success of Luis Severino in his first full big-league season.

14. Tampa Bay Rays
13. Boston Red Sox
12. Pittsburgh Pirates
11. Seattle Mariners
10. Arizona Diamondbacks
9. San Francisco Giants
8. Houston Astros
7. Los Angeles Dodgers
6. Chicago White Sox
5. St. Louis Cardinals
4. Cleveland Indians
3. Washington Nationals
2. New York Mets

1. Chicago Cubs


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    1. It's not my list so I can only speculate. Behind Shelby Miller, who although Arizona paid for as an ace he's not yet, and Greinke there is a slight fall off and/or question marks. I personally would have them higher than Chicago and St. Louis personally but that's just me.


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