Saturday, February 6, 2016

Aaron Judge is a Top 10 Outfielder Prospect in MLB

The New York Yankees for the first time in a long time actually have prospects capable of not only reaching the Major League level but prospects that are capable of dominating the Major League level. We saw a couple of those prospects last season with the emergence of Greg Bird and Luis Severino and the team is in line to produce more MLB talent as soon as 2016. Leading the way for the team is outfield prospect and heir-apparent to Carlos Beltran, Mr. Aaron Judge.

I say Mr. Aaron Judge because have you seen the guy? I wouldn’t want to make him mad, he’s 6’7” and all muscle at 275 lbs. He looks like he could hold his own in a UFC fight but anyway I digress. has been releasing their Top 10 prospects at every position this winter and Judge made the cut in the Top 10 outfield prospects coming in at the 8th ranked position for outfielders and 31st overall. With these rankings, and his obvious size and raw power, Judge is already drawing comparisons to another big right fielder, Mr. Giancarlo Stanton.

Judge has all the makings of a super star in the Major Leagues as long as he can put his Triple-A struggles from last season behind him. Watch out for Judge in 2016 because we could see him as early as then. 


  1. This guy has everything he needs to be a very good power hitter. With one caveat..he needs help with off speed/breaking pitches, when (IF) he gets comes "king kong" all over again.

    1. The power is definitely there but like you said he is prone to the strikeout. That comes with maturity sometime and sometimes he is just a .260 hitter with 30 home runs or more a season.

      I would take either.

    2. Remember Winfield, he was the same...about 6'7" and he turned it all around when he said (about), "I'll go for the line drives and the HRs will come", they did and so did his BA. Maybe judge will get it also!

    3. Judge is a huge guy, all he has to do is work on contact and I think he will be fine. Like Winfield I think the power will Come naturally to most everything he catches up to.

  2. I think calling him up would be in his best interest. Thames was working down there in be minors and Judge did well under him. Now Thames is in the majors, Judge would do well working under him again.

    1. We have 5 outfielders now, adding another would be counter productive...don't you think?

    2. KEN REED...You're back under a newer logo. Soon you will find one that fits. Like a good shoe, or a good women. You'll know.

      Remember...Ballpark ? The back stabbing, lying bastard who
      drove you away ? You were too smart for that idiot. You were
      a threat to his 'gumba' mojo.
      Perhaps he croaked ? Who would care ?

      I heard the young girls were whispering about you, down at
      Long Beach, last Sunday.

    3. Aw shucks, you be jiven me!
      I see you didn't make the plunge into the nice cool waters of the Atlantic.
      Anne Marie is smarter than you are, she wants you around for a while. My Boss is the same way, very much a big pain in the ass.
      Ballpark didn't drive me away, he just never understood not everyone hits as he teaches...of course, I never found anyone to hit like I use to. He said nobody could hit like that and get any Avg or power. He was right in one sense but I never wanted power just hits. Besides, my mother taught me to hit that way and it worked for me.
      My problem was with the Instigator (The Bug), not Ballpark.
      The Bugs name calling never bothered me it was his constant keeping everyone at odds with each other. We would get things settled down and here he would come to start everything up again. I thought (rightly so) he would be doing the same thing here.

    4. Kenneth....I was going as planed into the North Atlantic
      last Sunday, until my working support team collapsed a bit
      toward the end of the week.
      Yes, Anne Marie is smarter...and she did not want me to go.

      Ballpark...I don't care about his theory on hitting.
      Just don't put that bastard near my life support system.
      His knife is still in your back.

    5. Patrick...
      It wouldn't be the first time I have had a knife in my back. No problem at all!

  3. Reed, I didn't want him on the club out of ST. I just wasn't clear and I apologize. First injury or as soon as he proved his struggles in AAA were a fluke. An ASAP, just not this second

    1. Daniel, it was just a dig, that's all! We all want his bat up here as soon as he can force the issue with his numbers...ASAP would be nice!

  4. As the Yankees prepare to go into the 2016 preparing for the worst..
    ...I thought it was first place or bust ?
    A looming question remains from last mid October, to date...Why can't
    they make a bold / daring move ?. They are not the Mets.
    Very simply....why ?

    1. The management and ownership won't allow it, simple as that. Even with a guy like Carlos Torres. They could have had him if they have him a guaranteed contract, they didn't.

      Torres isn't going to bring us a ring but if they won't go that far for a reliever why would they for anyone else? Especially at this point in the offseason.


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