Saturday, February 6, 2016

Meet a Prospect: Deibinson Romero

The New York Yankees continued their mission to stockpile as much minor league talent as possible this month by adding two prospects on minor league deals. The first prospect we will showcase today which is third baseman Deibinson Romero. Romero was originally a product of the Minnesota Twins farm system before bouncing around a bit in the Major Leagues and over in Korea before settling with the New York Yankees this season. We here at The Greedy Pinstripes only know one way to honor and introduce the newest members of the organization to you. This is Meet a Prospect: The Deibinson Romero Edition.

Deibinson Joel Romero was born on September 24, 1986 and made his professional debut with the Minnesota Twins. Romero signed that first professional contract in July of 2004 and toiled around in the Twins farm system until months before the 2009 season when he was added to the team’s 40 man roster. This came as a shock to some as Romero suffered a broken leg that ended his season prematurely in July of 2008 but his tenure on the team’s 40 man roster did not last long. Romero was removed off the 40 man roster in November of 2009 and spent the next five seasons down in the Twins minor league system simply waiting for his call up and his shot at the next level. Romero finished his Twins tenure reaching Triple-A, one step away from Target Field.  

Romero hoping to reach the Major Leagues as quickly as he could signed a new minor league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates before the 2015 season. Romero was named Fangraphs top minor league free agent that season so that was quite the pickup for Pittsburgh until their new third baseman decided that a Pirates uniform was not for him. Instead of trying to reach the majors to play beside Andrew McCutchen Romero decided to pursue a contract in the Korean Baseball Organization with the Doosan Bears.

Romero did enough with his high batting average and average power to catch the attention of the New York Yankees. Romero will presumably stay in Triple-A and wait until New York comes calling so he can finally make his Major League debut. Welcome to the team and the organization Deibinson but most importantly welcome to the family. 

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