Saturday, February 6, 2016

TGP Prospects Month Top 29 Prospects - #24 Nick Rumbelow

The New York Yankees had a bit of a revolving door in their bullpen last season and many products of their farm system made their MLB debut's out of said bullpen. Branden Pinder was used the most and Caleb Cotham probably took the most off the chin while Nick Goody and James Pazos were used sparingly down the stretch. Possibly the two most important pieces in that revolving door I like to call the Scranton Shuttle were Jacob Lindgren and today's showcase prospect Nick Rumbelow.

Rumbelow was drafted in the 7th round of the 2013 MLB First Year Players Draft by the Yankees out of LSU where he was used predominantly as a relief pitcher. In less than two seasons Rumbelow was making his MLB debut and showcasing his strikeout stuff and stellar command for all in the Bronx to see.

Rumbelow is expecting to see a lot of time in the Yankees bullpen this season and could conceivably win a job out of spring training. This is likely the last time we will see Rumbelow on a Top Prospects list since he will likely exceed his innings pitched limit in 2016 so enjoy it while you can.

24. Nick Rumbelow
25.Jordan Montgomery
26.Trey Amburgey
27. Ben Gamel
28. Austin DeCarr
29. Thairo Estrada
30. James Pazos


  1. I have been waiting for this guy to stick in the BP this year...I think he will although, Joe uses the Scranton Shuttle as we all recall.
    There are two more I like...Domingo "Ace" Acevedo, and Cale Coshow but, I think Cale and Kaprielian may have to wait for the mid-2016 to 2017!

  2. Rumbelow has a real shot of catching on fresh out of spring. He did a lot, well he showed me a lot anyway, last season in small spurts.

    Yankees need a reliable right handed arm or two and he and Nick Goody may be them.

    1. Me thinks you done got that one right!
      Goody is one I haven't really got a handle on yet, but we shall see come the spring.

  3. I think Rumbelow is better than Goody. Goody is not one to strike out 100 guys a season but seems to always find a way to get the batters out. That could be exposed in the majors or it couldn't. I like Goody he just isn't on my top reliever list right now.


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