Monday, February 29, 2016

This Has Been Prospects Month 2016

Wow, what a month. I love the month of February and I especially love the month of February when we get blessed with a 29th day like we did in 2016. It allows an extra day of research, an extra day of teaching and an extra day of Prospects Month! I love having Prospects Month in February because when most blogs are strapped for content or simply shoveling snow while the fans are hungry for news we get to bring you content all day long on a daily basis. I also love it that we don’t hide our material behind a pay-wall or anything like that like some other premium sites, which FYI it is worth the subscription I’m just saying in general some of us can’t afford it or justify it. I’m just grateful that we have people that come to the site, read our work and like what we do. Thank you for that.

So another month is gone and so is another Prospects Month here on the blog. Now we can turn all of our attention to Spring Training and the upcoming 2016 season. Let’s get to it. This has been Prospects Month 2016 and we hope you enjoyed it. 

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