Thursday, February 18, 2016

Yankees Continue to Corner Second-Hand Ticket Market

The New York Yankees are getting tough on counterfeit and fake tickets on the second hand market and the fans of the team are paying for it. The Yankees have released a new ticketing policy for the 2016 season and many fans feel like they are getting the short end of the stick. The Yankees will no longer be accepting print-at-home tickets at Yankee Stadium for the 2016 season.

The options you now have are hard-copy tickets or a mobile bar code that can be scanned at the gate of Yankee Stadium. Don’t have a smart phone? Well you and the nine people left in the world without one can’t get into the game without a real paper ticket. This also means there will be no last second decisions to buy a ticket off StubHub for cheap to head to the stadium, you can only buy tickets off the Yankees Ticket Exchange now due to these new rules.

Ticket sales are already down and they are going to continue to go down the more it becomes an inconvenience to even head to the stadium. Bad move Yankees, bad move indeed. 


  1. Lonn Trost was TERRIBLE talking about the decision to cut off sites like StubHub. He essentially said that they don't want poor people hanging out with the rich folk. SOMEONE had to pay full price for the tickets if a fan can't go let others enjoy the game regardless of the cost!

    1. Exactly! The tickets are paid for as far as the Yankees are concerned, what do they care?

      They are tone deaf to the fans of the franchise. That's why this team needs new faces not only on the field but in the front office as well. Start with Randy Levine and work your way down.

  2. Hmm need to look into this, as I've already bought tickets.

    It seems like the stolen tickets isn't a Yankee issue, but rather a stub hub issue... If ever (and when) I've had problems with tickets on stub hub (rare), I've contacted stub hub, and they've done right.

    So rather than security issues, it seems like if there's a sliver of secondhand profit (ok, not even profit, just any exchange), they want their $$$.

    Greedy sobs. Becoming to expensive for my liking. Maybe I'll get season tix in Tampa Bay, or look into underground boxing.

    1. If the Yankees didn't own the Yankees Ticket Exchange this wouldn't be an issue. Any and all other teams allow printed tickets, why not New York? I'm just saying, as an Atlanta resident, if I can't buy tickets on StubHub or an equivalent for a Braves game I won't be going to anymore Braves games, even if it is against the Yankees.


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