Thursday, February 18, 2016

TGP Prospects Night Open Thread featuring Ian Clarkin

Yankees Magazine profiles one of the Yankees top pitching prospects Ian Clarkin. Yankees Magazine follows Clarkin around this season while with the Surprise Saguaros in the Arizona Fall League after the lefty missed the entire 2015 regular season with an elbow injury. Clarkin's results were not great in the AFL this year but that's less important than showcasing his health and getting some all important professional innings on his arm. That he did and Yankees Magazine documented it all. Enjoy. 


  1. NY OWNERSHIP....this is not what I write about, but here we are again,
    and I'm disgusted. Tired of being played.

    Ownership has it's priority...selling tickets to their overpriced
    stadium. Legend suites, and corporate suits.

    What is so obvious....they are now competing for the second wild card,
    and the corporate seats.
    Now the rallying cry is.."just wait three more years, for the new core".
    Three billion $..? What a disgrace.

    Ian Clarkin...I like him. Very intelligent. Talented

    1. The worst part about it is that the organization doesn't seem to care. Fans don't show up so they think not signing any free agents will "fix us" but it doesn't. It means less fans head to the stadium, rinse and repeat. Before you know it it's the late 70's and 80's all over again.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)