Friday, March 25, 2016

Smokeless Tobacco No Longer a Thing in New York

The State of New York and the New York City Council announced this week that smokeless tobacco inside both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field will not be a thing anymore come the 2016 regular season. The council approved a bill that will ban the consumption altogether in 2016 after a 44-3 in favor vote was cast this week.

Smokeless tobacco had already been banned in Boston’s Fenway Park, Los Angeles’s Dodger Stadium and Angels Stadium, San Francisco’ AT&T Park and Chicago’s Wrigley Field and US Cellular Field while the Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates don’t allow smoking at all at their stadiums.

How is this going to be enforced? That’s my main question about this. Will they stop a game if a player is seen using it or will they simply get a letter/fine/citation after the game? Will fans be asked to leave games or get similar citations and fines? Right now it seems like there are more questions than answers so I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned. 

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