Saturday, April 2, 2016

Key Dates for the 2016 MLB Regular Season

On Sunday, April 3 the 2016 MLB regular season kicks off with a rematch of the 2015 World Series between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals. Most everyone else is in action on April 4 as the 2016 season kicks off and here are a few more key dates for you for this upcoming season. Keep this bookmarked in case you need it.

April 18th, a Monday in case you were wondering, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs renew their rivalry for the new season with former Cardinals Jason Heyward and John Lackey making their debuts against their former team.

The first Yankees vs. Red Sox game is on Friday, April 29 in Fenway Park while the first game inside Yankee Stadium comes on Friday, May 6th.

On Friday, July 15 Zack Greinke and the Arizona Diamondbacks face off with his former team the Los Angeles Dodgers for the first time after leaving this winter in free agency. The Dodgers are many people’s pick to win the division but the Diamondbacks are not going to go down without a fight.

Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza take their place amongst the greatest in MLB history when the 2016 Hall of Fame induction ceremony goes down on July 24, 2016. That’s a Sunday by the way.

August 1st, not July 31st, is the trade deadline this season. Why? Because July 31st is on a Sunday. #LOGIC

Tuesday, September 27th will mark the final time David Ortiz steps into Yankee Stadium during the regular season. How will he be honored and will he get his standing ovation? Stay tuned. 

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