Saturday, April 2, 2016

MLB and Play Ball to Renovate Fields All Over America

Major League Baseball draws in a ton of money, probably literally, each and every year but the one thing that separates MLB from other huge businesses is that they are constantly giving back. The league and the Play Ball association are giving back as they launch a new community program to refurbish ballfields all across the country over the next three years.

MLB will work side-by-side with The Scotts Company to renovate diamonds with new grass, fences and other enhancements such as scoreboards and dugouts. Big league teams will have a say in which local fields receive makeovers and I’m sure other fields will be made over as well during the course of the new program, not all the details have been released at this time though.

MLB says participation in baseball was up 4.3 percent last season over the 2014 season so the interest is there and so is the initiative by the league to not see this momentum stall. Good for the league and good for all those kids and young adults that benefit from the program. I love it!

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