Monday, April 11, 2016

Yankees Off Day Walk Up Music featuring Aaron Hicks

For the past two seasons we have spent the off day still covering the New York Yankees, just in a different way. While many blogs and news outlets take the day off with the team unless a major roster move, injury or move is made but that's not us. With that in mind two seasons ago we began looking at certain things no other site does, like covering the walk up music for the current players every single off day. In years past we have gone with the top of the batting order and gone done or we've gone from 1-9 in the defensive spectrum (1 = pitcher, 2 = catcher and 3 = first baseman etc.) but I want to cover a new face in a new place this morning.

So today we bring you Aaron Hicks' walk up music we hear every time he comes to bat inside Yankee Stadium. The "Ohio Players" bring us the song "Fire." Enjoy.

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