Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekly Check In: Domingo Acevedo

Domingo Acevedo was added to the minor league disabled list this week with an injury that has either been undisclosed or that I missed leaving me scrambling for a regular Sunday check in post for the blog. These Yankees prospects are not making it easy on me, are they?

So with Acevedo injured with an injury I know nothing about leaving him out for a time that I know nothing about I won’t waste much time here. He’s injured and here are his stats when he went down. I am hoping for a quick DL stint and a quick return because Acevedo seemed to be on the fast track through the system this year and next.

Get well soon Domingo!


  1. Dan, do you have/have you posted info on baseball organizations and tj/elbow injuries? I think it's a "grass is greener" but I feel sooo many Yankees pitchers get injured.

    1. I haven't and I don't but I'll see what I can find for you. Life finally slows down for me after this week. Not a minute too soon too.


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