Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gary Sanchez Trade Rumors & Jorge Mateo Suspended

Here is a quick post to get you caught up before tonight's opener with the Cleveland Indians.

Reportedly the Chicago White Sox have at least asked for Gary Sanchez in a trade with the New York Yankees. The talks never went far as the Yankees asking price for Sanchez was deemed "far too high" but the discussions were had nonetheless. Chicago needs a catcher and the Yankees don't have to trade Sanchez so it makes sense that the asking price was substantial, because it should be. It's about time other teams get to overpay New York rather than the other way around.

Jorge Mateo has been suspended for two weeks. That suspension is due to a violation of team policy, although nothing specifically has been released, and it will cause the young shortstop/second baseman to miss the XM Futures Game. Mateo has been reportedly frustrated with his lack of a call up from High-A Tampa to Double-A Trenton and who could blame him? He's tore up the affiliate and deserved the promotion. That doesn't mean what he did was right, not at all, but still I am merely saying I can relate to his frustration and I'm sure I'm not the only one.


  1. I apologize if I'm wrong, but I thought Mateo was only hitting around .265 at the single A level. I understand batting average isn't everything. But it is pretty important and could easily be a reason for the Yanks not thinking he's ready to jump to double A. That plus an overly self-entitled attitude.

    1. I'm not at all an expert when it comes to prospects, and how they should be brought along, but I do know that going by stats is not the thing to do. Jorge has played 97 games in Tampa, so a move up should probably be in the cards.

    2. BTW, welcome to the site.

      Although I don't post here enough, so maybe you've been around and I just need to pay closer attention.

    3. I normally don't support insubordination, but I do in this case. Mateo was absolutely right. The Yankees need to take notice of this. They treat their prospects with "kid gloves", and end up stunting their growth. People need to be pushed, or challenged to continue to grow. Mateo destroyed single A pitching for half the season. Now, he's regressing. I think it's due to boredom. Hans and I have agreed a lot lately. (That's a scary thought!) Here's where I disagree. He says Cashman has not drafted any star player. I say, Cashman has not developed any star player.

    4. At this point, I think it would be beneficial to give a definite mark. Get your average back up to .290 and we will move you up. obviously, development is key, but a tangible goal is probably beneficial.

    5. Levin just to correct you Mateo wasn't drafted, second I do and don't agree with you on drafted players. Cashman hasn't drafted any players and where I agree with you is the ones he's drafted he hasn't developed.

    6. Well aware that Mateo wasn't drafted. I suppose I should have included signed players. I just believe that players with raw skills have been drafted by the Yankees. Players that could have had great careers. I've said it before, you draft 50 players a year for 20 years, you're going to accidently draft an outstanding player. Cashman has yet to produce one. In my opinion, that's a development issue.

    7. I agree with you there on your thoughts of drafting for 20 years that you should hit on at least one. This is one of my complaints that he doesn't hit on any players and yes I agree with you on the farm systems lack of development. You would think that Hal the Coupon Clipper would realize that his farm system is mediocre and make changes, yet everything remains the same with no changes. Cashman is in charge of all Baseball related Operations so why does he continue to be allowed to run this portion of operations?

    8. Mr. Luigi,

      Welcome to the site sir. At one point Mateo was tearing up the league, lately not so much which I have said in many posts including the weekly check in posts. I don't think it's a coincidence that George A. King reports that he's frustrated by hitting the cover off the ball and not getting called up to Double-A and the report coincides with his recent "slump." It's called backwards development, something the Yankees are making a habit of.

    9. Hans and Levin (and Daryl too),

      Agree with you on Mateo and the Yankees organization. I agree with the insubordination only because it's a trend. Mateo isn't the first, he's just the first to say something about it. Some will call it immaturity but many don't remember Gary Sanchez went through the same thing. prospect fatigue. Started getting called up and his stats improved, it's a trend people. Could he have handled it differently? Probably, but this is more on the Yankees than Mateo in my opinion. He's just sparking the revolution is all (and I use that term VERY lightly).

      And yes Hans and company, the drafting has been atrocious. No one should or will deny that here. International signings haven't been great either. You should strike gold once or twice in 20 years. Every time they have come close those players end up finding their own on other teams, that's a problem as well. Blame Cashman for it, I'm not going to say it's not his fault because it is. It happens on his watch.

    10. Daniel, what the Yankees need to realize going forward, is that delaying their prospects advancement is going to hurt them with future signings. Why should the top amateurs sign with the Yankees if they know they're going to have a longer path to the major leagues? Refsnyder was ready to assume 2B last year. A year and a half later, he's only getting consistent at bats because he literally forced Girardi's hand. Somebody has to start saying something, and sounds like Mateo has. Good for him.

    11. Couldn't agree more Mr. Levin!

    12. Yep, I totally agree with you guys.

      This may not apply to the minor leagues, but I don't think the Yankees have wanted to use younger players because they've always been about winning now, therefore they don't want to give a young player like Refsnyder time to develop in the big leagues.

      Then again, they've went ahead and used guys like Stephen Drew instead, so either they didn't care so much about winning now.

      Hopefully we're in the midst of a change in mindset. I won't hold my breath, but I'm not going to give up hope.


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