Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Curious Case of the Pulaski Yankees Tweet Decoded

I don’t know if you saw it over the weekend, because many people including myself did not, but the Pulaski Yankees put out a puzzling tweet that almost begged to be decoded. I’d link it if the post were still up but around 30 minutes later the Pulaski Yankees had taken the tweet down. Like I said, I did not see it personally and have only read about it so I am basically paraphrasing what the tweet said here when I say that Pulaski said “RE: Blake Rutherford the Pulaski Yankees do not have a comment on Blake Rutherford, please contact the Yankees minor league complex in Tampa.” Something close to that anyway. The tweet was gone thirty minutes later and now we know why.

It was announced on Sunday that Rutherford would miss the remainder of the regular season due to a hamstring injury. This came on the heels of him just coming back from a knee injury. Did one cause or lead to the other? Who knows but Rutherford seems to be out until at least when the Instructional League’s start this fall/winter. At the time of the injury Rutherford was posting a .351 batting average with three home runs and 12 RBI for the Pulaski Yankees. It sucks to lose a top guy so here’s to hoping this isn’t a big or recurring issue for Rutherford.

In other Yankees top prospects with hamstring problem news New York has also lost their top prospect, Clint Frazier, to a hamstring injury. Frazier was added to the MiLB 7-day DL over the weekend as well after straining his right hamstring. At the time of the injury Frazier was hitting just .229 with seven extra-base hits and six RBI in 24 games since joining the Yankees organization on July 31st.

Get well soon boys. 

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