Sunday, October 30, 2016

Baseball America's Top 10 Yankees Prospects List

It's the most... wonderful time... of the year. No, not Christmas, although you couldn't tell that if you have been to a Wal Mart this week, but it's the time of the year where a bunch of post-season top prospects lists begin getting released and Baseball America usually starts it off. Well BA has released their list and while I can't give you the write ups, they are behind a pay wall, I can give you the complete list and let you guys fight it out on the comments section. So without further ado, let the fighting begin. 

1. Gleyber Torres
2. Clint Frazier
3. Blake Rutherford
4. Jorge Mateo
5. James Kaprielian
6. Aaron Judge
7. Justus Sheffield
8. Chance Adams
9. Dustin Fowler
10. Domingo Acevedo

And go.....


  1. I think the Yankees have made up their mind on Mateo (my take is), they will move he and Torres as a tandem through the system. Or, they will trade Mateo
    in a deal to get a very good young power bat or pitcher. Of course they could move Torres to 3rd...good power and hit tool.
    Acevedo and Coshow are twins in being big and fast, both are young and could be starters or part of a monster BP. Could we see one, or both of them, in the BP this coming season? I would like to see them have the chance to go north with the team because this team is going to need a three headed monster BP in 2017 that is for sure. Don't forget we have had a couple of Closers come up as starters and become very very good Closers...MO and Righetti are two that come to mine as the best of them.

    1. Totally agree Ken. They will rise together or one will be traded, and that will be Mateo.

    2. Sorry that he jumped the gun on his Ego trip! Having confidence in one's ability is fine but, show it on the field not getting all bent out of sorts.


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