Monday, October 10, 2016

Most Popular Article of the Week: The George Steinbrenner Quote That May Define 2017

Hal Steinbrenner, I’m calling you out. I’m calling you out to the front because there is one monumental difference between you and your late, great father. Your father knew how to build not only a team and an organization from the ground up but he also knew how to build a mindset as well. A mindset that has long gone by the wayside unfortunately. The good news is though, for you anyway, is that it’s not too late. Listen to this quote from your father and take it to heart because he, of all men, knew how to build a contender and a mindset in the state of New York.

Baseball is not just a sport anymore; we are a business. We are show business. To compete for the entertainment dollar, particularly in New York, you have to have more than nine guys playing baseball; you have to have an attraction. And I have tried to do the best job I possibly can to give my fans an attraction.”
George Steinbrenner, New York Yankees

You can be excited for the future all you want but you must remember one thing. The New York Mets beat the New York Yankees in television ratings for the first time EVER in 2016. Ever. Ratings have been down across the board for a long time now. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results as that will never work. It’s time to bring the fans back to the stadium and it’s time to bring them an attraction again.

How about this guy? I already laid out how… now it’s time to do it.

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