Sunday, October 16, 2016

TGP Awards: Yankees MVP for 2016

It’s that time of the year again ladies and gentleman where we give out maybe the most prestigious award in all of Major League Baseball. The TGP Awards. I’ve talked to, or maybe I didn’t, many former MVP Award winners and Cy Young Award winners and even Rookie of the Year Award winners and they’ve told me, or maybe they haven’t, that they would trade all those awards and accolades away for a TGP Award. You know how flattering and humbling that is to hear? So today we continue with the first of four awards we’re going to be giving away today, the Yankees MVP for 2016.

Yes, I’m crazy and I’m not afraid to admit it. Didi Gregorius is the team’s MVP this season and will bring home the TGP Award for Yankees MVP. Kind of crazy considering that Gary Sanchez put up such an impressive run in his 229 plate appearances but Didi was just the solid force that kept everything together all season long.

Didi hit at the top of the order, in the middle of the lineup and at the end of the manager’s lineup card and did so without a single audible complaint. Didi anchored the infield at the shortstop position and once again left us wondering who that Derek Jeter guy was for all those years making routine plays look spectacular only because of a lack of range and first step while producing a strong throwing arm. I may be exaggerating about the “Derek Jeter who” because Jeter was a once-in-a-lifetime type player for the Yankees but no one can deny just how hard it was to watch him defensively at times throughout his career.

Didi did it all this season and showed that the second half of the 2015 season was not simply a blip on the radar, it’s the norm and we all better get used to it. Congratulations to Didi on his stellar 2016 season and his TGP Award. Many more to come.

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  1. Only saying what I said last year, "Jeter who"! Didi is limber as well as quick, limber SS are not the norm, which is a big help for him.


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