Sunday, October 16, 2016

TGP Awards: Best Yankees Pitcher of 2016

The New York Yankees had a whole lot of pitching come through the Bronx in 2016 whether it be in the starting rotation or in the bullpen but throughout the entire season they had one man that stood above the rest. No, not literally, because if it were literally then you would know that Dellin Betances won the award but figuratively. Instead I’m talking about the player who stood above the rest in the clubhouse, statistically and as a leader of the staff. Masahiro Tanaka, come on down.

Tanaka was the leader of the staff for the Yankees, hands down in my opinion, but he also is at least in the discussions for the American League Cy Young Award, again in my opinion, for 2016. Tanaka was the third most valuable pitcher in the American League according to his 5.4 WAR calculated by Baseball Reference while also posting an impressive 3.07 ERA and 1.077 WHIP in 31 starts.

At 27-years old Tanaka set a career high in the Major Leagues with 199.2 innings pitched and for much of the year he looked to get stronger and better as the season went on before a “slight, slight” strain of his forearm ended his season prematurely as he missed his final two starts.

Congratulations to Tanaka on the award and on the amazing 2016 season.

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