Sunday, October 16, 2016

TGP Awards: Best Yankees Game In 2016

The New York Yankees, like many teams this season, played in 162 long and grueling games this season so that gives you 162 opportunities to name the best game of the season. It’s easy to narrow it down, take the Yankees losses away and you have cut the field down by almost half, and I finally decided on a singular game to win the award. Was it the Andrew Miller strikeout of David Ortiz with the bases loaded causing the retiring slugger to throw one of the biggest hissy fits in all of Major League Baseball history? Was it the debut games for Tyler Austin and Aaron Judge when they went back-to-back with home runs to begin their careers? Or was it the Mark Teixeira walk-off (first walk-off hit in the regular season of his MLB career mind you) grand slam game from September?

Of course it was Mark Teixeira’s walk off grand slam, how could it not be? For Teixeira to do something he has never done in his MLB career for the first time just four games before his retirement ceremony is something special. To do it in the Bronx and against the Boston Red Sox in dramatic fashion makes it that much more awesome but the icing on the cake was the hands up in the air while Brett Gardner dumped purple Gatorade over his head. That, my friends, makes for a classic.

Congratulations to Teixeira on the home run, the award and an amazing MLB career. 

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