Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Yankees atop FORBES MLB List Once Again

Surprise, surprise. The New York Yankees are once again atop the FORBES most valuable Major League Baseball franchises for the 2017 calendar year. The New York Yankees franchise is worth an estimated $3.7 billion according to the publication although their gains from last year (9% growth from a year ago) were modest compared to other franchises as parity begins to show its face in the game. Ugh.

The team that rose the most was the Miami Marlins who grew 39% to $940 million followed closely by the Pittsburgh Pirates who grew 28% to $1.25 billion in net worth. Meanwhile the Cincinnati Reds grew the least at 1% and $915 million in worth overall in the league.

Following the Yankees at the top of the list are the Los Angeles Dodgers at $2.75 billion, the Boston Red Sox at $2.7 billion, the Chicago Cubs at $2.675 billion and the San Francisco Giants at $2.65 billion. There were 23 teams in all who were valued at or above $1 billion this fiscal year according to the publication.


  1. TOP OF THE HEAP?....or, just spineless?...Spineless!

    Today the Yankees are valued at $3.7 Billion..that is fact.

    To the victors go the spoils, yes? Not today.

    The Yankees act like they are third world owners of a Dollar Store.
    Wringing their hands, and shaking, when asked about their wealth.

    Remember the...'Yankees hit too many home runs dust-up', a while back?
    The team became station to station thereafter.

    Today the monsters of the mid-way reached .500. They could be for all their efforts....... .800, or better.
    Political correctness, and hand wringing, still have them hog tied.
    I live in an insane world.
    You have done well, but must be average.

    1. The coupon clipper will never spend the money the way his dad did. He does act like he can only afford costco pricing


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