Thursday, May 25, 2017

Gleyber Torres To MLB... eventually

Four days ago the Yankees promoted star prospect Gleyber Torres to AAA, becoming the youngest member of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders. But the fact that the Yankees top prospect (yeah, yeah... Clint Frazier is the top guy according to some) is not just one level away from the big leagues is not the most intriguing thing.

Between his time at AA Trenton and AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Torres has played eight games at third base, including his last four games. But before anyone get's excited that Gleyber will be in New York soon let me show you this quote from Brian Cashman...
"I’m not looking at Gleyber right now at the major league side"
I don't think we'll see Torres in MLB this season, but don't be surprised if the Yankees deal away Chase Headley at season's end, while eating some of his $13 million salary for 2018. 

With Didi Gregorius (current OPS+ of 122) and Starlin Castro (current OPS+ of 130) doing such a great job at shortstop and second base, not to mention being signed or under team control through the 2020 season (assuming the Yankees pick up Castro's team option for that season), a move to third base is extremely logicial for Gleyber Torres. Especially when you see that, over 2+ seasons, Chase Headley has been a below-average player for the Yanks.

I'm salivating at the idea that the 2018 Opening Day lineup could have Greg Bird at 1B, Starlin Castro at 2B, Didi Gregorius at SS, and Gleyber Torres at 3B. Not to mention that Aaron Judge could be joined by fellow young star Clint Frazier in the outfield. 


  1. Gleyber has only played what, 30 games at AA level before they said there was nothing more for him to prove at the level. I can totally see the same being said in Scranton as well. I would not rule it out- headley is hitting 0.154 since April...

    Not saying it will happen, but a lot can happen, and happen quickly, when we are talking about this guy.

    PS-SWB has tons of talent, awesome!

  2. Bryan...
    Moving Castro to 3rd base has been out there for a long while now and putting Gleyber at 2nd base...not a good move. As you pointed out, 2nd base is Castros's whereas Gleyber has a good arm.


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