Thursday, June 8, 2017

Chase Headley Sucks But These Guys Do Not

The New York Yankees have a huge problem on their hands when it comes to the current situation over at third base and the team, in my opinion of course, needs to fix it sooner rather than later. Chase Headley, in a word, sucks but these potential trade targets for the team at the July 31st trading deadline definitely do not. Not at all actually so if the team is serious about competing not only in 2018 but in 2017 as well it is time to start getting to know these potentially available third baseman from across the league before the deadline. 

Would the Toronto Blue Jays trade Josh Donaldson within the division and to one of their biggest rivals in the New York Yankees? Not likely, unfortunately, but how much of an impact would Donaldson be in the Yankees lineup? He’s great and I’d take him in a heartbeat but Donaldson has been injured this season and would be yet another right-handed power bat. The Yankees may need a lefty, although that could be difficult to come by at third base. 

Todd Frazier is another name that could be traded this summer. Frazier is a free agent at the end of the season so the price in terms of prospects could stay low, or lower than Donaldson anyway, while also fitting into the Yankees long-term plans. Frazier is struggling hitting below the Mendoza line but Frazier, like Headley when he was traded from San Diego to the Bronx, could benefit from a change of scenery at least in the short-term. You never know. 

If the Yankees want a stop gap for a year or two beyond the 2017 season while they wait on Miguel Andujar then David Freese may be an option. Freese is having a solid season and has found this uncanny knack for hitting in the big spots in the postseason, something the Yankees will need along with some veteran leadership with such a young squad. 

The final option as it stands today would be the Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas. Moustakas is represented by Scott Boras so it seems unlikely that the man they call Moose in Kansas City would negotiate a contract extension so it may be best for a team like the Royals to get something for sure out of him now rather than potentially nothing for the 28-year old later. Moustakas will be a free agent at the end of the season and is in the midst of a strong season that could see the right-handed surpass 30 home runs on a struggling Royals squad. 

I mean, or the team could just call up Gleyber Torres. I’m just saying. That’s my choice, what’s yours?


  1. Jed Lowrie and Trevor Plouffe are options. Lowrie has best War. But I would go get Frazier. He could platoon with Bird and Headley. Plus see some time in the outfield and DH. Basically replaces Carter, but gives Joe so many more options. If nothing else become a just in case guy if we loose Headley, Bird or Holliday for any period of time.

  2. I guess it all comes down to cost. As long as we aren't talking about an elite prospect, I'd be cool with Frazier or Moustakas (with a preference toward Moose). Freese probably has some rapport with Matt Holliday from their days in St Louis.


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