Saturday, June 24, 2017

So it Seems Another Saturday and Another War

War, what is it good for? It depends on what side of the war you’re standing on and what you’re fighting for. It depends on how you’re fighting the war and whether the war is literal or figurative. War is war and war is hell but so if life and life can be great. Have I lost you yet? That’s probably war’s fault too.

I know what I am fighting for and I know who I am fighting for and I know what the endgame here is for me. Those who get in the way can and will get run the hell over. Those who oppose us will be crushed in defeat. I may face many defeats in my life but I will never be defeated, not as long as you’re by my side.

The trolls can go live under their bridges in misery never to be heard from again as far as I’m concerned. Some people shouldn’t breed and some people shouldn’t be allowed to hurt other people anymore just to build themselves up. I’m sick of it and when I get sick of it I react. This means war. I know what I am fighting for, what are you fighting for?

I’m fighting for you. Hey you. I love you to the mailbox and back. 

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