Friday, September 29, 2017

How Underrated is Didi Gregorius?

The title is a pretty straight-forward question, just how underrated is the Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius? I’m not talking about just on the field either, I’m talking about off the field as well. How damn lucky did the New York Yankees get when they made that trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Detroit Tigers a few seasons back bringing Gregorius to the Bronx? Do they even know how lucky they are with the acquisition? If the organization doesn’t they will after they get done reading this post I assure you.

Let’s start with what is quantifiable, the on-the-field version of Sir Didi. Gregorius is having another great season here in the Bronx for the Yankees and no one can notice because of the monster home run after monster home run from Aaron Judge this season. Quietly Didi has knocked Yankees great and former captain Derek Jeter from the Yankees record books here in 2017 with his 25th home run of the season, most ever by a Yankees shortstop in a single season. Didi has always been an absolute wizard defensively and is slowing showing more and more power with every passing season with the Yankees making him one of the most valuable assets that New York has every single game. Imagine if Didi hadn’t missed the first three weeks of the season with a shoulder injury, he may have 30 home runs, 100 RBI and still be pushing an on-base plus slugging over .800. If it weren’t for Judge the Yankees shortstop would be their MVP here in 2017, and it wouldn’t be much of a discussion.

Off the field the Yankees shortstop runs a charity and organization called DIDIsDEEDs helping those in need and generally doing good deeds around New York City as the name implies. Didi has been seen handing out free tickets to Yankees games on the subway and even in the CN Tower this season as a part of DIDIsDEEDs meaning the left-hander fits the mold of a Yankee off the field as well. Looking for your next Yankees captain, Didi may fit the mold. I know he didn’t come through the system and I know the captain-ship would be handed to Judge or Brett Gardner first but I’m just saying that Didi wouldn’t be a bad choice for the job either. Didi bleeds Yankees pinstripes and represents the team and the organization very well, on and off the field.

Didi for Captain, 2018. Flame me below in the comments section.


  1. Didi is absolutely underrated. Pretty much everybody here roasted him in the beginning, including myself. He's turned into one of the best shortstops in the game. I think he's every bit as good as Seager, Correa, and Lindor. His stats prove it.

    1. I was at the top of that list so I was wrong as well, however contrary to my man Patrick I was not wrong on Eovaldi lol

    2. Ken Hanzel....You draw me out of hibernation.

      You know, and I know, that Eovaldi would be the Yankee pitcher
      on Tuesday, if not for the fact that Rothschild misused him because Eovaldi was going to vote for Donald Trump.

      Hans...For what ever the reason, 90% of my posts are during
      the off season. I can not fawn over these players every day,
      as some do.
      I'd rather grab a beer, and surf the net.

      I hope all is well with you.
      I have always found you to be special.
      Funny...You come back, mention Ken Reeds name, and he disappears?
      Side-bar...we had a whale off the beach during mid August.
      The whale surfaced, went airborne, and splashed.
      The whole beach then stood in unison, and applauded.
      My beach season highlight.
      Take care. Let's get past Tuesday!

    3. Sorry patrick, I didn't disappear, I have been moving out of that god forsaken state! All the packing, selling of the house and everything has made me a very busy man!
      Stay well!

    4. Kenneth.....Only joking with Hanzel in re: to you.

      Where are you moving to?
      Hells Kitchen ?...Now called the Meat Packing District. High
      end real estate, with tons of blondes.

      Hanzel was telling me all about 'the glory-hole' bars
      down there. I always thought he may be a bath house type of guy.

      Don't kill yourself with the move. All this moving after you spent three years fixing that floor?...Stay well.

    5. I am in Michigan, my "Boss" retired at the old age of 62. She wanted to move back to live near her sisters and as she is the "Boss"...nuff said!
      We have a nice new home on the lake (Lake Michigan) and I can fish as much as I want to...once we are settled in.
      "Hells Kitchen" taught me my trade...been there and done that trip, no need to go back.
      As far as Hanzel is concerned, he is a good guy and says it as he sees it. We don't agree much (if ever), so what! What a site it would be for everyone to think alike...boring!
      I see Judge has changed his style from Guessing too "see the ball, hit the ball". Good for him.
      Whoever thought up the "60 is the new 30" must be 20 years old and downright stupid! After all that moving I feel like 80, damn...I am 80!
      Stay well!

    6. Reed we do agree on one thing which is we agree to disagree. Good luck in your new home and go Yanks. Patrick the meat packing kill me lol

    7. Thank you KenH, we do disagree a lot don't we?!?
      But, I still say, next year is the year of the golden ring not this year! After this years taste of the play-offs and the development of the draft/trades will make this team stronger and more than ready to get the Ring!
      I almost forgot, they have to get rid of a few players that are more of a block than talent.
      Have fun!

    8. I could see this year being just like the 1995 season which starts the Dynasty in 1996. You can't put a price tag or a number on the experience, the molding and bonding, etc. that is going on right now.

  2. Didi made people stop talking about Derek Jeter. Not easy to do. This will go down as one of Brian Cashman's all-time greatest trades. Didi is a very talented guy on and off the field.

    1. Perfect way to sum up what Didi has been to the Yankees. Well said, Fid.


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