Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Luis Severino Starting a Potential Wild Card Game is the Right Move

The New York Yankees showed their hand a bit this week and into last weekend when manager Joe Girardi flipped his starting rotation around and you know what, for once it was the right move to make for the Yankees. Of course Girardi didn’t say as much when he was asked over the weekend the reason for his rotation juggle but looking ahead at the schedule you can easily see why the moves were made as their ace Luis Severino is now perfectly set up to start either a Game 163 tiebreaker or the AL Wild Card Game for the Yankees.

CC Sabathia was pushed back from Sunday to tonight against the Minnesota Twins to “keep him off the turf” next week when the Yankees travel to the Rogers Centre to take on the Toronto Blue Jays while Sonny Gray took the ball on Sunday in a loss against Baltimore. Jaime Garcia started yesterday and Masahiro Tanaka will start tomorrow in the finale of the series leaving Severino to start Friday in Toronto. I guess it makes sense to not have Severino start against a Minnesota Twins team who currently lead the 2nd Wild Card chase in the American League, huh? I mean, because CC has a balky right knee and all.

The way things look now Severino will make one more regular season start for the Yankees after his turn through the rotation this Friday in Toronto lining him up perfectly for an October 3rd start (currently) in the Bronx against these same Minnesota Twins.

It’s risky but it is a risk worth taking. The Yankees wouldn’t have Severino available for the final weekend assuming they needed him, but Fangraphs and their percentages and likeliness of making the playoffs says that they won’t, unless the team brought their ace back on short rest. If they did that, which they likely won’t, then Masahiro Tanaka could start the Wild Card Game for New York. Win, win. This is the right move to make and frankly I am surprised that Joe Girardi did it to be completely honest. Great move, keep them up and this team will go far. 

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