Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Quick Hit: 2018 MLB Schedule Released

Yes, yes I know this is a couple days old by now but I was busy away at a wedding out of town this weekend and I am just now getting caught up. Major League Baseball has released their tentative schedule for the 2018 season so I thought I would bring it to you in its entirety this afternoon. Major League Baseball will host Opening Day on its earliest day ever, March 29 while the regular season is slated to end on September 30 of 2018. The reason for the early start is due to the new collective bargaining agreement which gives the MLB players three additional off days throughout the season while also meaning October baseball will be playoff baseball only here next season. Here are a few other notable dates and games for you if you don’t want to skim through the schedule.

All 30 teams will be in action on Opening Day for the first time since the 1968 season.

The AL East will play the NL East in Interleague play while the AL and NL Central and West Division will each face off head-to-head in 2018.

The 2018 MLB All Star Game will be held on July 17th inside Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals.

The Yankees first 13 games are within the American League East Division.

The first interleague game for New York is April 16 and 17 inside Yankee Stadium against the Miami Marlins. The first game here the Yankees pitchers will have to hit inside a National League Park is May 15 and 16 when the Yankees travel to Nationals Park to take on the Washington Nationals.

The Yankees first West Coast road trip is against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim April 27 – 29.

There will be six games this season within the annual Subway Series with the first three coming June 8 – 10 inside Citi Field. The three games inside Yankee Stadium will be hosted on July 20 – 22.

The Yankees and the Braves, because I live in Metro-Atlanta, square off in the Bronx from July 2 – 4 and the team will not make the trip down to Atlanta in 2018. What a bummer.

March 29 at Toronto
March 30 at Toronto
March 31 at Toronto
April 1 at Toronto
April 2 Tampa Bay
April 4 Tampa Bay
April 5 Baltimore
April 6 Baltimore
April 7 Baltimore
April 8 Baltimore
April 10 at Boston
April 11 at Boston
April 12 at Boston
April 13 at Detroit
April 14 at Detroit
April 15 at Detroit
April 16 Miami
April 17 Miami
April 19 Toronto
April 20 Toronto
April 21 Toronto
April 22 Toronto
April 23 Minnesota
April 24 Minnesota
April 25 Minnesota
April 26 Minnesota
April 27 at L.A. Angels
April 28 at L.A. Angels
April 29 at L.A. Angels
April 30 at Houston
May 1 at Houston
May 2 at Houston
May 3 at Houston
May 4 Cleveland
May 5 Cleveland
May 6 Cleveland
May 8 Boston
May 9 Boston
May 10 Boston
May 11 Oakland
May 12 Oakland
May 13 Oakland
May 15 at Washington
May 16 at Washington
May 18 at Kansas City
May 19 at Kansas City
May 20 at Kansas City
May 21 at Texas
May 22 at Texas
May 23 at Texas
May 25 L.A. Angels
May 26 L.A. Angels
May 27 L.A. Angels
May 28 Houston
May 29 Houston
May 30 Houston
May 31 at Baltimore
June 1 at Baltimore
June 2 at Baltimore
June 3 at Baltimore
June 5 at Toronto
June 6 at Toronto
June 8 at N.Y. Mets
June 9 at N.Y. Mets
June 10 at N.Y. Mets
June 12 Washington
June 13 Washington
June 14 Tampa Bay
June 15 Tampa Bay
June 16 Tampa Bay
June 17 Tampa Bay
June 19 Seattle
June 20 Seattle
June 21 Seattle
June 22 at Tampa Bay
June 23 at Tampa Bay
June 24 at Tampa Bay
June 25 at Philadelphia
June 26 at Philadelphia
June 27 at Philadelphia
June 29 Boston
June 30 Boston
July 1 Boston
July 2 Atlanta
July 3 Atlanta
July 4 Atlanta
July 6 at Toronto
July 7 at Toronto
July 8 at Toronto
July 9 at Baltimore
July 10 at Baltimore
July 11 at Baltimore
July 12 at Cleveland
July 13 at Cleveland
July 14 at Cleveland
July 15 at Cleveland
July 20 N.Y. Mets
July 21 N.Y. Mets
July 22 N.Y. Mets
July 23 at Tampa Bay
July 24 at Tampa Bay
July 25 at Tampa Bay
July 26 Kansas City
July 27 Kansas City
July 28 Kansas City
July 29 Kansas City
July 31 Baltimore
Aug. 1 Baltimore
Aug. 2 at Boston
Aug. 3 at Boston
Aug. 4 at Boston
Aug. 5 at Boston
Aug. 6 at Chicago White Sox
Aug. 7 at Chicago White Sox
Aug. 8 at Chicago White Sox
Aug. 9 Texas
Aug. 10 Texas
Aug. 11 Texas
Aug. 12 Texas
Aug. 14 Tampa Bay
Aug. 15 Tampa Bay
Aug. 16 Tampa Bay
Aug. 17 Toronto
Aug. 18 Toronto
Aug. 19 Toronto
Aug. 21 at Miami
Aug. 22 at Miami
Aug. 24 at Baltimore
Aug. 25 at Baltimore
Aug. 26 at Baltimore
Aug. 27 Chicago White Sox
Aug. 28 Chicago White Sox
Aug. 29 Chicago White Sox
Aug. 30 Detroit
Aug. 31 Detroit
Sept. 1 Detroit
Sept. 2 Detroit
Sept. 3 at Oakland
Sept. 4 at Oakland
Sept. 5 at Oakland
Sept. 7 at Seattle
Sept. 8 at Seattle
Sept. 9 at Seattle
Sept. 10 at Minnesota
Sept. 11 at Minnesota
Sept. 12 at Minnesota
Sept. 14 Toronto
Sept. 15 Toronto
Sept. 16 Toronto
Sept. 18 Boston
Sept. 19 Boston
Sept. 20 Boston
Sept. 21 Baltimore
Sept. 22 Baltimore
Sept. 23 Baltimore
Sept. 24 at Tampa Bay
Sept. 25 at Tampa Bay
Sept. 26 at Tampa Bay
Sept. 27 at Tampa Bay
Sept. 28 at Boston
Sept. 29 at Boston
Sept. 30 at Boston

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