Saturday, October 7, 2017

This Day In New York Yankees History 10/7: Torre on the Block

George Steinbrenner was known for his hiring and firing of his manager’s but easily the longest tenured manager during his reign as Yankees manager was Joe Torre. After winning four World Series championships with the club and reaching the postseason every single season as the Yankees manager Steinbrenner threatened Torre’s job on this day in 2007 stating that if the team did not beat the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS this season that his job would be in jeopardy. The Yankees trailed 2-0 in the best of five series and would rally behind Mr. Torre on this day to win 6-4 in come from behind fashion.

Also on this day in 1988 Billy Martin was once again replaced as the manager of the Yankees by Dallas Green. During his tenure Martin compiled a 1253-1013 record as the manager of the Tigers, Yankees, Twins, A’s, and Rangers in 19 seasons.

Finally on this day in Yankees history New York clinched two different World Series titles. The first was in 1950 when rookie pitcher Whitey Ford helped the Yankees sweep Philadelphia for the team’s second consecutive World Series title. In 1952 the Yankees would win their fourth consecutive title, also on this day, as the Yankees beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in seven games.


  1. If only oh George was still running the Yankees.
    If I could tell looking at my tv and the announcers themselves even suggested that the play would probably be reviewed by Girardi.
    Sometimes you just gotta go with the guy close to the action.
    Failure to bunt a guy over and get picked off , sending Frazier with Judge at bat, not using the formula DRob, Betances and Chapman.
    He costs us 3-4 games a year while good managers win 3-4 a year with thir managing.
    Time to replace him he has grown stale.
    I feel it is time to move Rothschild on down the road with him .
    Take Headley , Ellsbury and CC with them.
    Anyone can see Judge is pressing again , move him down , probably to late and Hicks needs to be on the bench ( I know he hit a 3 run shot but Ellsbury was hot playing CF stats show he does not do well as the DH.
    Stats show that these are their best stats.

  2. If "King George" were still running things we wouldn't have a farm system like the one we have!
    Judge, Frazier, Sheffield, Sanchez, Montgomery, Bird, (just to name a few) would be playing for someone else other than the Yankees. Didi, Hicks, and Castro came over in trades. The "King" is the one that put the farm in the sh-ter in the first place. It took "The Worse GM in the Big Show", as some called him, to put it on the right track. Many thought it should have been done much sooner, but trying to convince his bosses and then tearing down just to rebuild the system almost from start takes time and a free hand...more or less, mostly not!


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