Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My way to early Lineup 

Hey folks it’s that time of year again. My 1st full year here with the Greedy Pinstripes.  

I would love to hear from you all and get a nice mailbag going tried once already not much luck. Any way JamesCPalma @ Gmail dot Com is where you can reach me.  

Today I want to quickly go over my idea on what I feel the line up should look like more days then not. This does not take In account the opposing pitcher being a lefty or righty. Just having a little fun before the season starts. Also keeping in mind as much as I’d like to add Mike The Moose this is the lineup with what we have as have now......

Gardner Of 

Longest Time as a Yankee. Brings something to club house still a good defender specially In Left. 

Judge Of 

Rookie of Year 2nd in MVP race. 52 Homers should I keep going. 

Stanton Of  

NL MVP. 59 Dingers. One can only fathom how many are coming in Yankee Stadium. 

Bird 1b  

You are hearing it 30 plus long balls. 100 plus RBIs great protection for Stanton. You have to pitch to some one.  

Sanchez C

35 homers easy. Maybe even 40

If he doesn’t miss a month this year.  

Didi SS

Like bird 30 plus dingers if healthily all year.  

RBIs won’t be as much. Because of all the pop above him in lineup. But look for Sir Didi to be around 200 hits.   

Torres 2b

Calling it right now Yankees go back to back with Rookie of the Year Winners. as Torres surprises and adds 20 steals to the 20 HRs 

Maybe even 25/25. He doesn’t have much Raw Power but his numbers will be there because of him being a great hitter. In my eyes a future Hall of Famer.   

Hicks Dh/CF 

For me has a lot to prove. He is there CF but unless he is hot rather see the Big Boys on the corners and Gardner and Frazier split between Cf and Dh.  

Andujar 3b

If he is there 3rd baseman all year. 

He will finish behind Torres for ROF 

25-30 HRs would not shock me. This kid is worth watching.    

This club should sit around 250-300 home runs this is going to be fun. Even with the 2 rookies playing every day.  

James C Palma is a writer for the Greedy Pinstripes reach me at 

JamesCPalma@Gmail dot com 

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  1. James, Torres having 20/25 SB just "ain't gona happen, no way, no how!"
    Didi will play hell getting to 30 HRs this year...although he has inched up in each of the last few years. I think the pitchers have figured out they can't throw low and inside to Didi, unless it is way almost hitting him!

    On the good side...I hope you are right about Torres and Didi!


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