Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hello… A Shift in Focus

Good morning everyone and welcome back to the blog. What a weekend for the Yankees, huh? To not only take two of three from Boston, but in the way the team did it was so impressive to me, and I truly think it sent a message to everyone in a Boston uniform. You guys may be good, but we may be better.

Also, a big middle finger to the MLB schedule makers who have the Atlanta Braves coming to New York here in 2018, but not vice versa. I waited three years for this as I live in Atlanta and you took that from me, thanks.

Anyway, the shift in focus. The calendar has turned to July and all eyes have been shifted to the trade deadline. No more Meet a Prospect talk, more finding that final piece that could lead the team to the World Series talk. Let’s get to it.

Oh, and hey you. I love you. My focus may shift elsewhere, but you are always at the center of my eye, my focus, my attention and my heart. I loves you.


  1. We need Gary Sanchez back in a big way. If he can hit like we know he can and not like early season El Gary, he'll be the biggest "acquisition" of July (assuming he is health later this month). We get a big stud international catching prospect in Antonio Gomez but everyone's excitement is centered on Rafael Severino. I love having Luis's baby bro in the organization but it is funny that Gomez got lost in the fanfare despite his potential as a future elite catcher.

    1. Don't join any Facebook groups. Many of them are suggesting trading Sanchez along with like every good prospect we have for Jacob deGrom.


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