Monday, July 30, 2018

Yankees Trade Adam Warren to Seattle for IFA $

The New York Yankees have agreed to send RHP Adam Warren to the Seattle Mariners for international free agent money. With the deal the Yankees have acquired $3.75 million in IFA spending money, which one would think has to be the max that the team can acquire in one signing period. Teams can acquire up to 75% of their international cap from other teams and the Yankees had a shade over $4 million to spend when the IFA market opened on July 2, 2018.

This has to be a precursor to a couple moves, one being the signing of Victor Victor Mesa off the international market, and a second move for one or more of an outfielder, reliever and a starting pitcher. Stay tuned...


  1. What do I think about the past 72 hours of Yankees trade activity ?

    For those who want a different point of view, I offer these words.
    Trimming the 40 man roster down / intl money....we all know that.

    I truly think that the Yankees have a trading partner for Sonny Gray.
    My guess ?....Braves / Brewers.
    So what ?...They trade Gray ( whom I like a lot ), then use the newly
    acquired trade chips, plus more 40 man deletions....for Archer.
    That is my two cents, for those that may care.

  2. My two cents ? Keep it.
    Nice win tonight. Sox lose. Five fathoms out. Sunny...cowboy up.


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