Thursday, February 23, 2012

ARod Brings Own Food Into Fancy Restaurants... And We Care Why?

Being borrowed from our friends over at The Bronx Goblin:

Some people bring a lunch to work, and others like A-Rod bring a cooler of food to restaurants.
That is the latest information to hit the news wire. In an effort to keep to a strict diet, A-Rod has been bringing protein packed food out with him to fancy eatery's.
One person claims they saw a full sized fish, bag of cheese curds, bottle of milk, peeled blue berries and a pudding pop in his cooler.
This seems a bit overboard, but as long as A-Rod plays better, we can let it slide.

Why do we care about what and where Alex Rodriguez is eating his food? Win me a ring and/or an MVP award and you can eat whatever you want off my car hood for all I care. Yankees haters, all you can do is shake your head and flash your rings(all 27 of them).

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