Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet A Prospect : The Yankees Analyst Top 20 List

Being borrowed from our friends at The Yankees Analysts:

They did a top 20 prospect list and me, as a confessed "prospect humper" decided that I wanted to share while we at Daily Sports Pages, compile our own top 20 list. Here is the list...

Manny Banuelos is the consensus #1 prospect for us and I do not see how anyone could disagree with that because the guy is 2 years younger then Dellin Betances and a little better. Throw in the fact that he is left handed and he projects to be an ace (as his ceiling) and what more do you need?

Brad putting Austin Romine as the #3 prospect is a reach if I have ever seen one. The absolute highest that I would put Romine would be at #4 behind Banuelos, Betances, and Gary Sanchez. REACH!!!

Brad.. really? Adam Warren #7? Talk about optimism. I guess that he took MLB readiness into account and put a lot of stock into it. I personally like to go with ceiling and projections more but to each his own.

Overall I would change a few things but the lists seem to be consistent with everything else that is coming out these days. This list will look nothing like ours that comes out (SPOILER ALERT) so stay tuned for The Greedy Pinstripes top 20 Yankees prospect list.

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