Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Yankees Prospect List, A Work In Progress

Will Manny B. Be Number 1?

Over at our favorite Yankees sports forum, Daily Sports Pages, we are currently voting and debating while making our very own Yankees prospect list. You do not have to be a prospect guru or statmatician to join, we only ask that you are somewhat versed in the New York Yankees minor league affiliates and systems. You never know, you might learn a thing or to. 

This is the list that we have compiled so far, in case you were wondering, and we are currently voting for prospect #10! Hope to see you there!


Adam Warren wins #10 voting
David Phelps wins #11 voting
Tyler Austin wins #12 voting

1. Manny Banuelos
2. Dellin Betances
3. Gary Sanchez
4. Austin Romine
5. Mason Williams
6. Ravel Santana
7. Jose Campos
8. JR Murphy
9. Dante Bichette Jr
10. Adam Warren
11. David Phelps
12. Tyler Austin

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