Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Training Day 8

  • MARIANO IS ON THE MOUND!! Spring Training is boring, especially before the games start, so we look for these little things to get excited about. Today was one of those instances as Mariano Rivera threw his first bullpen session to Gustavo Molina. All 25 of his pitches looked sharp, were down, and "in and out" as described by Molina. This is usually pretty early for Mo to be pitching but he says the warmer weather has allowed him to get ready a little earlier this spring. 
  • Nick Swisher has come in to Yankees camp with a totally different body apparently. He worked out this offseason with football players and has added a ton of muscle while not losing or gaining any weight. He even said that "this is the strongest that I have ever been". That could mean great things for Nick in 2012 which is a contract year for him. He also claims to be faster and has improved his throwing since last season. All good signs from the Swisher camp, I guess being a married man to a hot woman will do that for you.
  • No bullpen sessions are scheduled for today but tomorrow should be interesting as both CC Sabathia and Michael Pineda are scheduled to throw tomorrow.    
Thats all for now from Yankees camp

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