Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kevin Goldstein Releases Top 33 Prospect List

I may not be a prospect hugger like Burch, but I'd be a fool not to see the importance of having good, young, players in the organization. Guys like newly acquired Michael Pineda, and possible future stars like Manny Banuelos, will make the difference between getting to a $189 million payroll in 2014, or once again paying a ton of money to MLB for nothing. Not to mention those kids give the Yankees the ability to sign big-time free agents like Robinson Cano after 2013, or like Wilson Betemit in 2014*.

We've already seen a bunch of lists ranking the best prospects in the Yankees system (Baseball America, Keith Law (Insider required), River Ave Blues, and right here at The Greedy Pinstripes), but today Kevin Goldstein released his top 20 as well. Although you can see the full list, and you can see a write-up for Banuelos, you'll need a subscription to Baseball Prospectus to read all the player write-ups.

Also, you can read a cumulative prospect list compiled by Steal of Home, which takes a bunch of lists into account to create a top 30 list.

*In case you aren't fluent in the language of sarcasm, this is a joke.

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