Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mock Trade : Shane Victorino For DJ Mitchell

The Yankees need an outfielder, no if's and's or but's about it. Brett Gardner is more then likely gone for the year and now Swisher is out with his third or fourth leg injury this season including Spring Training. Shane Victorino is having his worst season of his career hitting a triple slash of .253/.316/.390. Granted, in limited time, Raul Ibanez only has a triple slash of .242/.301/.458 but Victorino is a speedy base stealing defensive first kind of outfielder... kind of like Brett Gardner. Add on top of that his $9.5 million salary, which will obviously be pro rated, and it seems like the last place Phillies would be willing to move him for cheap. That is where DJ Mitchell comes in.

DJ Mitchell , just for the record, is one guy that I absolutely love having on this team. He reminds me so much of Ramiro Mendoza in the Yankee Dynasty with that sinker, that composure, that small frame, etc. He has pitched well above his head this season in very limited action in the big leagues. If it were up to me I would rather give up SP Adam Warren then DJ but Warren is a starter and the Phillies may not be looking for one of those.The Phillies need a ton of help but I think they think that their major concern is the bullpen. DJ Mitchell is young and has 6 years of team control and is cheap, something a lot of Phillies cannot say right now, and could be attractive for the Phillies. 

Would the Phillies make this trade? I cannot say obviously. Would the Yankees and should the Yankees make this trade if it becomes available to them? Unfortunately I say , because I would rather a long term plan with Upton and save Mitchell, they have to.

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