Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yankees Injury Updates : Gardner & Rivera

Brett Gardner suffered yet another set back, his third since injuring his elbow way back in May, after taking four at bats in a rehab game and waking up the next morning sore. Gardner will receive an MRI today to see if surgery is needed to fix the elbow or more rest and relaxation is the diagnosis. If Gardner needs some kind of surgery then we can expect to be all in on Shane Victorino or Justin Upton. If he just needs a couple days of rest then I could see us waiting it out and calling up Chris Dickerson if need be. I am just hoping Gardner does not need tommy john surgery.

Mariano Rivera and has camp has not ruled out a September come back completely. It is still possible that it may happen due to a partial tear of his ACL and not a full blown tear. How amazing would it be to tear an ACL and come back the same season.

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